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  • When it Comes to IAM, Active Directory Matters

    Active Directory holds such a prominent position in the enterprise, that inadequate management and security of this universally accepted directory can be a major barrier to IAM success. For all its goodness, AD is woefully lacking in native management…

  • Call Invoke webmethod in Quest one activeroles

    Hi ,


    I need to call the below method in Quest one . it is working fine with the powershell when I use the same in Questone it is throwing an error like 

    The 'Accept' header must be modified using the appropriate property or method


    $headers =…

  • Active Administrator upgrade from AD Spotlight

    I am looking for Active Administrator upgrade procedure. I am currently using Active Directory Spotlight for my AD infrastructure monitoring. Is it possible to upgrade the AD Spotlight server to have Active Administrator 8.0 ?

    I am using separate tool…