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  • Workflow - How to set an attribute to the secondary owner's e-mail address of workflow target?

    Hi everyone,

    Does anyone know how I can set an attribute of my choice, to the e-mail address of the secondary owner of the workflow target? 

    So far, I have the following: 

    >>Operation execution: Create User; where secondary owner of workflow target is not…

  • Change/replace SIP address from the edsvaOffice365-UserID field

    Ill start off by saying I am a complete novice

    I would like to change user SIP address with the field edsvaOffice365-UserID

    Id also like to be able to update this by OU if possible

    I am using Quest Commandlet to pull this information. Get-QADUser -SearchRoot…

  • Script for Quest Powershell in order to pull data from AD

    Hi All, im new to powershell and need to extract out some data.

    I would like to extract below attributes from AD for a User. Could you please help me in fixing the script.

    Get-QADUser t70869 | select -ObjectAttributes samAccountName, givenName, sn, displayName…

  • Access Denied to Web and Admin Console

    Hi all,

    I have been haveing an issue and am hoping to get some insight.

    I have a user account that should have access to both the web console and the admin console but they keep getting prompted for username and password for the webpage. if they type…

  • Dynamic Groups - Membership Rule Strategies

    Hi all,

    We've been having some discussions within our org about our deployment of Dynamic Groups.   Our deployment strategy has been gradual where we have been converting existing groups and issuing Dynamic Groups for all new requests where possible…

  • Workflow - Link to Target Object

    I am working on a new workflow notification and would like to include a link to the target object. This would allow the recipient to quickly open the target object in the web console and view the object's properties.   I dont see an OOB token to handle…

  • ARS build best practice

    I'm wondering if anyone has some suggestions on whether they separate out the mgmt servers from the web interface role for ARS and also what you do for failover/high availability?  I also have multiple sites and does anyone have suggestions on how…

  • Script or Report on accounts scheduled for deletion?

    Hey Group,

    I am new here, but this is a great community!  We have a need to notify some people when accounts will be deleted and this report has to include a couple of attributes of the user account. We've been searchin for a way to do this and the only…

  • Powershell profiles - help

    This community is fantastic, thanks to all for your help learning powershell, ars, and a heap of stuff.

    I want to create a profile that will list all of the modules I have available and the snap-ins that are available as well.  Define the colors for the…

  • Workflows & Other Add-in downloads?

    Hey there - I am trying to find out what the new Unified Messaging features are in ARS 6.7 and what add-ins for systems and workflows there are that work with 6.7? I found the download page but are all the items there compatible with 6.7?

  • SQL report - add-on properties?

    Is there any easy way to add on items to reports from the report pack/qkp? I tried doing some db queries against the data collector db and not being a dba I am not having much luck.  Is there a place to get add-on reports or something that would show how…

  • get-qarsoperation send output to qad-getuser?

    Is this possible? I've tried several things and haven't found anything in the forums or online that shows this will work? I read some other posts people are looking to do the same thing I am, but is it possible to pull the results of changes, provisions…

  • Remote Powershell - ars server, load modules/snappins?


    I can connect to the ars server using remote powershell, but I can't get the quest ad modules, exchange tools, and other modules to load into my shell when I connect remotely.

    How can I do this?

    Right now I tried doing add-pssnappin  Quest.ActiveRoles…

  • Script for Powershell in order to pull data from AD

    Hi All, im new to powershell and need to extract out some data.

    I need every employee that is ACTIVE along with this criteria...







    I got the correct names out of Active Roles, but now i need to run this in…

  • user home folder deletion?

    Hey Folks - I am working on a script that will delete the users home folders when the users AD account is deleted by the ARS built-in scheduled task. The built in process fails to delete the users home folders and we have about 20 file servers that a…

  • script help to delete users and/or home folders?

    I am trying to find a script to delete AD user accounts and/or home folders. I have setup a deprovisioning policy that deletes accounts after x number of days but can't use that on a bunch of other accounts as they were deprovisioned before the policy…

  • EmployeeID query returns no results

    Hi All, this does work correctly but i cannot figure out when i run the script i get all the information i requested except for the "employeeID", the column is blank. Do i need a filter or something?

    get-qaduser -proxy -LdapFilter '(&(objectclass…

  • Change virtual attribute for multiple users in an OU?

    I am trying to find out how to change a virtual attribute for multiple users, I want to change the deprovision deletion date for many accounts in one OU.  I know how to get the attribute value for a user, but I'm stuck on trying to get this into a script…

  • Use ARS and/or powershell to create groups - nested & add members automatically?

    We use the lousy nested structure for shared folder ntfs permissions where a domain local group contains a universal which contains a global and the global has the users.  I want to find a way to create the 3 groups required when a new folder is setup…

  • Set-qaduser virtual attrib?

    I'm trying to get a script going which I opened another post for, but i can't find a way to set the virtual attribute for even 1 account.

    I've tried several things, I can retrieve the attribute, but nothing has worked to set it, any ideas?

  • Restarting a remote computer via ARS

    I'm looking at giving our helpdesk the ability to remotely reboot/shutdown computers.

    So I went to the WebInterface to shutdown the workstation next to me to see the process.

    I clicked on Restart in the WebInterface and got an error:  "Unable to access…

  • Script to check for changes to group?

    I am trying to write a script or come up with a workflow in ARS that would check the domain admins group and notify when it's been modified.  I think I'm stuck here because if the group is modified using native AD tools then a workflow won't work,…

  • Powershell email - qarsoperation & get-qarsuser?

    Howdy - I am trying to get the results of this query to send to an email list and the formatting is giving me trouble.  I also think I need to take the results of the query and send that to a custom object that I create, is that the best way to do this…

  • Workflow tokens - don't work?


    Has anyone else found that workflow tokens don't always work or just never work? I am trying to setup a workflow that notifies people on the creation or deprovisioning of new users. I can't get some attributes/tokens to fill in when the notification…

  • Format qarsoperation query & email to DL?

    I was hoping some may be able to give me some assistance with a script that we need. I found some of what I need on this forum and now I want to go to the next level which is to take the query results I get when I run the command below and then put that…