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  • AD Sync based on group membership assignment

    Hi Experts

    I am trying to achieve some sync task however not sure what is the best solution. the task is - 

    If any group membership missing in AD however the membership present in IAM, during the sync the action should be 

    • If the membership in Identity…
  • What is the way to add AD group membership to a disable person


    I have an requirement to assign two ads group to a disable person. 

    I have written a script to add the groupmembership (ADSAccountInADSGroup), It seems like it is not possible to add as user account is disable.

    It is complaining in xIsInEffect column…

  • How to find each job details in "DialoguDBQueue"

    I need to find what are jobs are executing in "DialogDBQueue".I could see that there are 10 task to process  in "Active Directory user account  membership in Active Directory groups" .How to find the details in that task like,for which user…

  • ADSAccountInADSGroup inconsistency

    Hi All

    We know some ADAccounts are not in some ADSGroups but anyway the flag xmarkedfordeletion is =0.

    Groups are inherited from business roles and XOrigin attributes shows that (2, or 3 depends on case, inherited anyway).

    We've launched many times initial…

  • How to re-trigger provisioning of AD groups including all members



    we have some inconsistency issues regarding AD group memberships, where we would like to simply re-provision individial ADSGroups in 7.1.1.

    However, we couldn't find a way to achieve this. For oustanding groups (missing in target system) there is…

  • get accouts with expired temporal groupmembership


    I want to have all members of all groups in my domain where the temporal groupmembership-EndTime is in the past.

    I used the script above and ended up here...

    Set-QADPSSnapinSettings -DefaultSizeLimit 10


    foreach($group in $groups)


  • Access Denied to Web and Admin Console

    Hi all,

    I have been haveing an issue and am hoping to get some insight.

    I have a user account that should have access to both the web console and the admin console but they keep getting prompted for username and password for the webpage. if they type…

  • Dynamic Groups - Membership Rule Strategies

    Hi all,

    We've been having some discussions within our org about our deployment of Dynamic Groups.   Our deployment strategy has been gradual where we have been converting existing groups and issuing Dynamic Groups for all new requests where possible…

  • Use ARS and/or powershell to create groups - nested & add members automatically?

    We use the lousy nested structure for shared folder ntfs permissions where a domain local group contains a universal which contains a global and the global has the users.  I want to find a way to create the 3 groups required when a new folder is setup…

  • Script to check for changes to group?

    I am trying to write a script or come up with a workflow in ARS that would check the domain admins group and notify when it's been modified.  I think I'm stuck here because if the group is modified using native AD tools then a workflow won't work,…

  • Add-QADGroupMember triggers 100% LSASS.EXE on CPU

    NOTE: this is in reference to Quest ActiveRoles Management Shell v1.5.1 without using the ActiveRoles Server.

    The task is to add large number of user accounts (78,000) to an existing group ("groupname").

    Not all the accounts exist on the domain…

  • Want WI clients to add group memberships but not see or navigate to OUs where members reside

    I have a single OU where I want to enable web interface clients the ability to manage membership for groups they own.  In order to add new members however they need to be able to list user objects from other OU's.  I do not want them to have any visibility…

  • how to remove user from group B when adding in group A


    i want to use ARS policies and a script to manage few groups with the "simple" rule :

         No user can be in the Group A and B, so if i add the user in the group A , the user is removed from group B, and vice et versa.

    I will put a policy on…

  • Searching and exporting account information from Active Directory

    I would like to do the following with AD accounts:

    Export the following fields from Active Directory to an Excel sheet with the appropriate headers:

    Under AD Account's General Tab: First Name, Last name, Display Name, Description, Office, Telephone Number…