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  • Script or Report on accounts scheduled for deletion?

    Hey Group,

    I am new here, but this is a great community!  We have a need to notify some people when accounts will be deleted and this report has to include a couple of attributes of the user account. We've been searchin for a way to do this and the only…

  • Powershell profiles - help

    This community is fantastic, thanks to all for your help learning powershell, ars, and a heap of stuff.

    I want to create a profile that will list all of the modules I have available and the snap-ins that are available as well.  Define the colors for the…

  • Workflows & Other Add-in downloads?

    Hey there - I am trying to find out what the new Unified Messaging features are in ARS 6.7 and what add-ins for systems and workflows there are that work with 6.7? I found the download page but are all the items there compatible with 6.7?

  • SQL report - add-on properties?

    Is there any easy way to add on items to reports from the report pack/qkp? I tried doing some db queries against the data collector db and not being a dba I am not having much luck.  Is there a place to get add-on reports or something that would show how…

  • get-qarsoperation send output to qad-getuser?

    Is this possible? I've tried several things and haven't found anything in the forums or online that shows this will work? I read some other posts people are looking to do the same thing I am, but is it possible to pull the results of changes, provisions…

  • Remote Powershell - ars server, load modules/snappins?


    I can connect to the ars server using remote powershell, but I can't get the quest ad modules, exchange tools, and other modules to load into my shell when I connect remotely.

    How can I do this?

    Right now I tried doing add-pssnappin  Quest.ActiveRoles…

  • user home folder deletion?

    Hey Folks - I am working on a script that will delete the users home folders when the users AD account is deleted by the ARS built-in scheduled task. The built in process fails to delete the users home folders and we have about 20 file servers that a…

  • Change virtual attribute for multiple users in an OU?

    I am trying to find out how to change a virtual attribute for multiple users, I want to change the deprovision deletion date for many accounts in one OU.  I know how to get the attribute value for a user, but I'm stuck on trying to get this into a script…

  • Set-qaduser virtual attrib?

    I'm trying to get a script going which I opened another post for, but i can't find a way to set the virtual attribute for even 1 account.

    I've tried several things, I can retrieve the attribute, but nothing has worked to set it, any ideas?

  • Script to check for changes to group?

    I am trying to write a script or come up with a workflow in ARS that would check the domain admins group and notify when it's been modified.  I think I'm stuck here because if the group is modified using native AD tools then a workflow won't work,…

  • Powershell email - qarsoperation & get-qarsuser?

    Howdy - I am trying to get the results of this query to send to an email list and the formatting is giving me trouble.  I also think I need to take the results of the query and send that to a custom object that I create, is that the best way to do this…

  • Workflow tokens - don't work?


    Has anyone else found that workflow tokens don't always work or just never work? I am trying to setup a workflow that notifies people on the creation or deprovisioning of new users. I can't get some attributes/tokens to fill in when the notification…

  • Format qarsoperation query & email to DL?

    I was hoping some may be able to give me some assistance with a script that we need. I found some of what I need on this forum and now I want to go to the next level which is to take the query results I get when I run the command below and then put that…

  • Script logging for scripts in policies & debugging?


    I've been getting a ton of help on here, thank you all! I have some great examples of how to add logging to scripts, but I am a bit confused on how to add them to scripts I have.  I understand the lines that specify the log file and so forth, but…

  • UM enable users using ARS MMC & Web page?

    I am trying to enable UM for users (exchange 2010 sp1) and when I go to an account using the mmc and select to um enable the user I get the error below.  I also wanted to know if it's possible to setup a web page in ARS that has the fields required to…

  • Script - Update address attributes on move

    I realize this question has been posed a number of times, but none of the existing replies seem to match my specific needs. I am also aware that there a number of script repositories that have scripts that almost match my needs.

    Problems is that i do…

  • Exchange 2010 Sp1 - Cmdlets from ARS Shell-Proper way?

    I've searched the net and the only thing I've found is that it is not supported to do an "add-pssnappin" from the ars shell to load the exchange cmdlets, although many people do it.

    I am trying to find the right way and I've read that…

  • Deprovision users - script but need Exchange shell?

    Hey All

    I have to toss together a script that will do a few things to a users mailbox when they are disabled. I was tasked with creating a process that deletes all the rules from a users mailbox and disables out of office replies if they are enabled.


  • Schedule Disable/Deprovision Accounts how to?

    Hello - I have to come up with a method to simply allow the helpdesk people to enter a date that an account will be deprovisioned.

    I have searched the forums extensively and found many people are trying to do this, but I haven't found a way to do it yet…

  • VB to Powershell script conversion for ARS policy help request

    I want to convert a couple of old vbs script to powershell. I have attempted to do this & am not making much progress as I am a newbie to scripting.

    The script below will send out an email when a user account is created & it will include some information…

  • running any PS script using ARS Service?


    We have few attribute update script developed inhouse and we run these scripts with us having delegate permissions within AD... as a part of ARS release we want to run these script using ARS service?

    Is this possible? How to?

    Thanks in Advance,


  • Is it possible to change the cn from a User- or Group-Object?


    I want to change the cn of a Group or an User with a PowerShell Script. In The Screenshot is the Name(cn) visible.


    So I tried the follwinng snippet (also connected as administrator to the QAD-Service)

    $group = Get-QADObject 'U-XX-DIST-ThisIsTheGroup…

  • how to remove user from group B when adding in group A


    i want to use ARS policies and a script to manage few groups with the "simple" rule :

         No user can be in the Group A and B, so if i add the user in the group A , the user is removed from group B, and vice et versa.

    I will put a policy on…