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  • ARS: The specified Domain is not available for Management. The specified Domain either does not exist or could not be contacted.


    I've installed ARS on a on a separated Domain and now try to add managed Domains in other non-trusted Domains. All ports form the ARS documentation are open against the specific Domains, but I am still facing the error that the Domain can't be contacted…

  • Quickconnect Deprovision from DB2 Table to Active Roles

    Source System: DB2 Table

    Destination: Active Roles Server

    I have the synchronization service read data from a table. This table is formed by user submission to deprovision accounts. From the sync server, I send a deprovision job over to Active Roles…

  • When launching ActiveRoles74, we receive the following message. Cannot retrieve the Two-Factor Authentication configuration information from the Active Roles Administration Service. This is new installation of 7.4 on new server with new database.

    We have installed version 7.4 on a new server connected to a new database. When launching the ARS console, we get the following message.

    Cannot retrieve the Two-Factor Authentication configuration information from the Active Roles Administration Service…

  • SQL Publisher/Subscriber mode

    Does anyone have any experience with running ARS in a distributed architecture? I'm currently testing a viable solution and have a few questions. 

    1) I have run into an issue with syncing the History database. Our lab history database is 50gb and…

  • Create Workflow with input form for collecting input data

    Hello All,

    I am relatively new to AR, and I have to create a worklow for new users. If the User is created, a multi admin workflow should start. Initialision of the workflow is clear for me. Now the challenge, where I did not know how to achieve this…

  • Does anyone have a slick way to duplicate ADUC aes128/256 checkboxes?

    I've done my share of web customizations to feed the hungry monster help desk … reducing the number of clicks required to assist customers.

    This one - I don't have a warm fuzzy about.   Unless there is some hidden control I'm unaware of.…

  • ARS Script Wiki and Best Practices. Still existing on Quest Website? Or only dead links to Dell Software?

    Hello All,

    I have to implement a solution, where I have to use Workflows with partly User Input and also getting Workflow information in Scripting (prefered PowerShell). I searched these forum for Knowledge about it, but I could not find much. And the…

  • Azure Tenant Global Admin and MFA

    Is there any way to add an Azure tenant to Active Roles when the admin user has MFA enabled?

  • Add-PSSnapin : No snap-ins have been registered for Windows PowerShell version 5.


    I am trying to access Quest AD server via Powershell PSSession which is running in windows 7, powershell 5.1. But the Quest AD server running in Windows 12, Powershell 3.1.

    I am facing  the below error when add-snapin from PSSession

    "Add-PSSnapin …

  • Synchronisation Service SDK/APIs


    While I realise that the bona fide Quick Connect SDK was "delisted" (the CHM help file removed) way back in QC v5.4, the SDK libraries are still present, available, and are updated (e.g., the class library is called ActiveRoles.SyncService…

  • Create secondary alias in à create mailbox policy


    I want to be able to add a secondary email adresse to all my new user account so that I can migrate them to my Office365 during the night.

    I have a policy that creates new exchange account.  I tried to add a new secondary…

  • Application Pool stops - No IIS Worker Process - Event ID 5009 with exit code c0000135 - http 503 error - Fresh Install ARS 7.3.1

    Having followed the instructions and prerequisites, we cannot get the websites on our fresh install of ARS 7.3.1 to work. We have matched our install to an existing install that works. We have the correct .NET Framework and copied all of the settings…

  • Can Active Roles version 6.9 coexist with version 7.3.1

    We are planing to install a new version of ARS version 7.3.1 to run along side current version 6.9.  The installation will be performed using new servers.

    Current infrastructure:

    2 ARS servers and 2 Web interface servers with database pointing to SQL cluster…

  • Active Roles Server Web Interface - How to Implement High Availability?ARS


    So, pardon me if this has been asked in a previous post, but how does one go about ensuring high availability for a web interface? I currently have one web interface and one web database, and my business is soon expecting a huge number of users…

  • UnDeprovision In ActiveRoles Sync Engine


    So I can see in the Sync Engine workflows (Old QC)  we have the ability to deprovision a user. we can deprovision if the user doesn't exist in the CSV file.. or trigger a Deprovision based on Field if we are pulling from SQL.

    However, I don…

  • Restrict object types to be added to groups

    Hi all,

    we are currently planning to roll-out SelfServicePortal for group management purposes.

    However, we've got some requirements when it comes to objects that can be added to groups. Types are split by OU.

    We have distribution lists, which can…

  • Policy to check vale

    Hi all,

    is there a way to properly set a policy for a given value being digits?

    I successfully set the policy to validate an attribute saying "must be: {4 required [0-9} which is working fine. However, I also need to check that there is no 0 in the…

  • Issues setting attributes via PowerSHell

    Hi all,

    we are about to roll-out self-service for group management.

    For that reason, I need to bulk-set primary and secondary owners.

    While trying to get started I am experiencing issues in settings neccessary attributes.

    I can set ManagedBy flag and…

  • Possible to add a reason / justification for a request / workflow using PowerShell and Add-QADGroupMember?

    Hello all,

    Recently, we have implemented Workflows into ARS and I am trying to make sure that I can still automate certain processes. Currently, I am working with a security group that has a workflow implemented which sends an email to an approver which…

  • Inactive Users Deprovisioning - Filter not working


    I have a workflow that finds inactive user accounts, this has two filters to exclude accounts that have "NODEL" in the comment filed, OR the account password is set to never expire, but the password expiration filter does not seem to be…

  • Perform batch operations on User objects from the web client

    Has anyone been able to create a custom command that can be performed against multiple selected objects?  I created a custom command that would set the edsvaProtectFromDeletion attribute to 'TRUE', but this command only appears when a single objects is…

  • Deprovision Account Linked to Another Account

    We are looking for a solution to the following. We have employees that are assigned managers in ARS. We have found that if the Manager account deprovisions, the user account is not updated to reflect that the Manager account has been deprovisioned. What…

  • QARS Workflow/Policy Script to capture onPostModify of the mail attribute for a user and then write user's employeeID and mail attribute to a CSV file for export to our Workday HR system

    I need to implement a workflow/policy script that triggers onPostModify of the mail attribute, both for new users and changes to the mail attribute of existing users, and writes the user's employeeID and mail attribute to a CSV file and uploads it to…