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  • Create secondary alias in à create mailbox policy


    I want to be able to add a secondary email adresse to all my new user account so that I can migrate them to my Office365 during the night.

    I have a policy that creates new exchange account.  I tried to add a new secondary…

  • ActiveRoles Managed DLs in O365

    Is there a way or ARS Powershell script to bulk change on-prem MS Exchange DLs to ActiveRole managed DLs in O365.
  • ActiveRoles 712 and O365

    I have installed 712 and all of the services.  I know the O365 add-on isn't compatible.  I've added my tenant and can create Azure AD user and manage the license.  Now how do I manage the O365 mail options for a user?  There is nothing written, that…