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  • ItShop Request properties required

    I have built multi request resources with request items and assigned them to service items. I have some required columns populating the Shopping Cart Item defined in the request item. It all works fine. However, when I request the shop item, I get a pop…

  • Auditing an executed job to find who or what triggered an event.

    Hello Experts,

    I am in need of some assistance.  We had an incident where a few users got removed from a group and i've been tasked to find out how and who did it.  i found the job that did it but it says it was done by "sa" and when i look at created…

  • Delegation for department's manager - mails doesn't come to delegate.


    Can anyone advise in the following use case please:

    As a department's manager I delegate 'Role manager' to the specific Department BUT once this is saved the delegate doesn't receive any emails regarding new comers etc (initial email with credentials…

  • Error after changing X-509 certificate

    After changing the X-509 on Exchange 2010 (public CA), the Identity Manager 8.1 shows the following error:

    File name:  Mail Component

    Process Task:   SendRichMail

    Execution status FROZEN

    Signing certificate was not found.

    Any suggestions to fix this problem…

  • REST API xml data instead json


    1IM 8.1.2

    I need call rest api methods with xml data instead json. 

    How can I do it? 

  • How to read pre hires data from Workday using Starling

    Hi, we are planning to use Starling Connect to read data from Workday but seems like Starling uses Get Employees API of Workday which cannot read pre hire user data. Is there any way to read pre hires using Starling? Thank you

  • Synchronization Person Table to Active Directory


    I'm actually in the following case:

    When I create a user in the OiM WebPortal, the User is created in the Person Table in the DB. 

    How can I do to send this user created to the ADSAccount table? 

    I just want to automatically synchronize the user…

  • UNSAccountInUNSGroup attestations slow approvals


    I have a attestations policy with procedure on "User accounts: system entitlement assignments (UNSAccountInUNSGroup)".

    Some groups have thousands of users. When the attestation goes out and the user tries to approve more than 200 at a…

  • Automatic removal of ADSMachines from an ADSGroup

    I have design one custom request form on the IT shop where a user will provide hostname of his/her domain joined machine and custom process will add that machine in one Active Directory group. This is working perfectly fine!

    Now I have to create a custom…

  • Why field SortOrder in AccountProduct table have type string?


    1IM 8.1 

    I think, that field SortOrder in  AccountProduct table should have type Integer. 

  • Default Grid Sort in Web Designer


    Currently in grids being used in web designer, when we click on a column to sort it sorts ascending first  and then descending on the next click. Is it possible to change this default behavior to descending on the first click and ascending later.

  • Adding an sql script os it will run on a schedule


    I'm trying to integrate an sql script* that will update the person central account name which in turn will update ADSAccount samaccountname and AD via the connector.

    When I manually change Person's central account name it works but when…

  • Web Designer. VI_Common_PropertyEditor. Show Caption for Property


    1IM 8.1 SP2 In web Designer in ComponentInterface I added Property to Table ShoppingCartItem.

    I try use compoonent VI_Common_PropertyEditor for show properties ShoppingCartItem but for my added properties not showing Caption.

    How I can show captions…

  • Field of custom database view not visible in REST API results


    We are planning to use a view to provide interface for reading data over REST API. We configured a mockup-view and set permissions and it's possibly to query the view over the REST API, but it only returns the uid_person column. If we include any…

  • WebPortal SSO login issue

    We are using OneIDM 8.1.1 and configured the HTTP Header (role-based) authentication as described in the below URL,

    As per…

  • Getting error while creating Azur AD sync project.

    Hi All,

    I am creating Azur AD sync projct. When I   enter user name and password and click on Next I am getting below error mesage.

    This my first Azur AD sync project.

    Could you please help and give me some hing what is wrong.

    [System.Exception] [HttpRequestException…

  • Automatically submit requests to IT Shop


    I have some 8000 users that I need to automatically request and assign to a business role. The Shelf and product are functioning fine for new users, but I need to migrate some 8000 users to show as having been approved for this product. Any ideas…

  • Create ITShop requests using scripts

    I want to create New ITShop Requests from a csv file that only has the userid and the product name. I created a script which reads the same and tried to create the same in the following way:

    Dim dbpwo As IEntity

    dbpwo = Session.Source.CreateNew("PersonWantsorg…

  • Remove Column from Hyperview Person in WebDesigner

    Hello ,

    We are using One Identity Manager version 8.1.2  and we need to remove certain columns from Person hyperview in webdesigner .

    We were able to do this in v7 by modifying propertylist() , but we don't seem to find this in V8 . 

    Any help would…

  • How to assign an IBM Notes group to an Access Control List for a MainInDB?

    Hi Community,

    I'm customizing an One Idemtity Manager 8.1.1 installation for a customer who uses IBM Notes.

    One requirement is that dedicated users should be allowed to order MailIn databases for their purposes. So I created a job chain (besides…

  • When PUT and PATCH methods are called in SCIM connector?Can we forcefully make connector call PUT method instead of PATCH?


    We are using version 8.0 of One Identity Manager. We have developed SCIM compliant API and are trying to create and update user via One IM. When we create user, it calls POST method and creates the user but when we update user data, it always calls…

  • Schemaclass on CSV Connector.

    We need to know how to enable the class search when configuring an application via CSV, the dropdown appears empty when selecting the schema class of One IM, we do not know how to make the reference.
    We are using the last version 8.1.2.
  • Unable to connect to SCIM API


    We have created SCIM 2.0 API using Mulesoft. APIs can be called using basic authentication. We are able to call these APIs using postman but are not able to connect to it via Synchronization editor. We are using version 8.0 of One Identity Manager…

  • can "Create New Employee" option in IT Shop be delegated from Person A to Person B

    Dear Team,

    This is the scenario in my case:

    Person A is the executive head level in the org and he wants to delegate the "Create Employee" option to Person B to offload the work.

    Please suggest is it possible? If possible what are the roles…

  • error executing syncproject

    During the execution of a sync project (target: SQL 2016) I get the following error

    [2161006] Error executing full synchronization!
    at VI.Projector.Editor.Internal.GlobalActionHandler.HandleEvent(Object sender, String eventName, Object[] args)
    at VI.Projector…