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  • How to access container in Active Directory using PowerShell


    I would like to restore the deleted objects from the Deleted Objects container. I'm looking for a PowerShell script cmdlet or script.

    Appreciate for the help in advance.


  • Powershell Connector Error

    Hi everyone,

    I'm using One Identity 8.1.4 and I'm trying to create a powershell connector using the Synchronization Editor.

    During the creation I get the error below.

    I think the error is in the following lines in XML file but I don't know what…

  • Temporary group membership

    HI,  I would like to add a group by midnight through a script, I know the GUI has the setting to set date and time but how would I do it using a script.


    Add-QADgroupmember -identity "groupname" -member $ADuser   (tonight at midnight)

  • Quest Powershell to Remove Leading Zero

    How can I remove the first leading zero using powershell?

    I have the following numbers and need them to have the first zero removed.

    00010 >> 0010

    Any suggestions?

  • Is it possible to apply a VA value to multiple users in one pass?

    I have a few thousand users to apply a VA value to - in order for a DynamicGroup to pull them in as members.

    Other than my normal practice, of looping through the list - is there an array way to feed set-qaduser an attributeValue append that would take…

  • Enable-RemoteMailbox cmdlet not handling non terminating errors


    I'm using Enable-RemoteMailbox cmdlet and I wanted to handle non-terminating exceptions generated by the cmdlet. I searched '-ErrorAction Stop' parameter and used with Enable-RemoteMailbox cmdlet but no luck.

    Someone please help me out…

  • Home Folder Move with User Moves

    Here is a Powershell script that can be used to have a user's Homedirectory change and move from one school location to another.


    Add this code as a Powershell Script Module. Then add it to your Policy as a "Script Execution Policy".…

  • Get current logged in user


    How to get current logged in user through custom script in ARS?


  • Uncheck and Disable 'Creation of Mailbox' option in Contact creation wizard


    I'm have tried below script in policy to uncheck and disable 'Create a mailbox' option in the contact creation wizard but its not reflecting on the screen.

    function onGetEffectivePolicy($Request)
    if($Request.Class -ne "contact"){return…

  • How to use Connect-QADService


    I have tried ARS access, it works but the following command does not work :

    Connect-QADService -proxy
    Connect-QADService : Server not exist or could not be contacted:
    Au caractère Ligne:4 : 1
    + Connect-QADService -proxy
    + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~…

  • Create Virtual Attribute Script?

    Need to create a bunch of Virtual Attributes. All single value Directory String, User attributes. Does any one have a script to create virtual attributes of a csv file or similar?

    I am not finding any of the Quest CmdLets that do it. 

  • set-QADUser Question Help

    Anybody know how to use Replace with set-QADUser?

    Trying to switch email suffix on users through a workflow. 

    $workflow.ActivityTarget("CreateDev511Account") is the name of the activity target. The workflow creates a user earlier with the old…

  • Workflow Over Powershell?

    Hey Active Roller!

    I'm currently working on a project to get EmployeeNumber added to all active users who don't have one. It's about 50/50 right now. I was working on a powershell script to inject right into a workflow, but I was wondering if there is…

  • PowerShellComponent ExecuteScript - Missing argument in parameter list

    Hi everybody,

    I am facing a problem using the PowershellComponentNet4 - ExecuteScript process task. I have the following script as parameter:

    Dim samAccountName As String = $SAMAccountName$
    Dim username As String = Connection.GetConfigParm("Custom\TargetSystem…

  • Set Active Roles (ARS) Scheduled (PowerShell) Script Modules to Execute in PWSH.exe (v6+) vs POWERSHELL.exe

    How can I explicitly instruct ARS to execute scripts in PowerShell v7

  • retrieve ARS Workflow Parameter saved in SecureString - as plain text using PowerShell


    I'm writing a powershell script that connects via api to a vendor tool.

    I want to save the password in the workflow as syntax type SecureString, so that the password's hidden in the workflow properties.

    Per documentation the SecureString syntax…

  • Return Script result to Web Site Form

    I am setting up a ARS website form to click on a user and have a button that will run a script to build a string such as First letter of last name, first letter of first name etc.. and compile to a string. I have that ready in PS script ready. I want…

  • New-QADUser cmdlet Issue when logging the account creation event

    So when using the new-qaduser cmdlet, see below, The Event Log for event 4720 on the DC its connecting to to create the user account shows:

    Security ID: Domain\testing3
    Account Name: $2RG100-UU7PKQ1Q51GA
    Account Domain: Domain

    SAM Account…

  • How to trigger map operation and commit without using the GUI console?

    Is there a way to trigger a map operation and commit for a password sync pair without using the GUI console?  The admin guide explains how to do it with console, but I'd prefer to send a command to the QARS server to trigger that, instead (preferably from…

  • How to call a remote powershell script from within a ARS workflow?

    Hi all, 

    Using ARS 7.4.3. I have a rather long Powershell script which I would like to start from a workflow. Meaning the workflow starts an Active Roles Powershell script which then fires the external script. In a normal powershell command windows, I…

  • Launch Windows Command or PS from ARS Web Site

    Is there a way to create a command from the ARS website that would have a remote computer run GPUPDATE /FORCE ??

    I am picturing finding the Computer in ARS Web Site, putting in a check mark then having the command available. Out of the box you can choose…

  • I want to create computer objects without accessing the ARS console

    I tried with the below code but it gives error.

    powershell.exe -command New-QADComputer -Name <Name of the new computer> -ParentContainer "<OU-Copied the distinguishedName of an earlier computer object from the AD>" -ObjectAttr…
  • Set visibility of an entry in a form through PowerShell script

    Hi everyone,

    We have built a custom form in which fields are populated through a PowerShell script, ARS runs this script as you are opening the form.
    It is used to provide a view of bought Office 365 licenses by each of our subsidiaries local IT teams…

  • Working with the proxyAddresses Attribute


    Just wanted to share my recent experience with working with the proxyAddresses attribute.

    Disclaimer: I am definitely not an expert with PowerShell and I mainly just script to the point of what works for me. I just wanted to compile my experience…

  • How to add additional column from different tables in RestAPI call

    In the API call we have an option to add additional columns for display in output, how should we refer a foreign attribute ? 

    For example I use a POST method to get person details, how to add a column from say department table ?