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  • Enable-RemoteMailbox cmdlet not handling non terminating errors


    I'm using Enable-RemoteMailbox cmdlet and I wanted to handle non-terminating exceptions generated by the cmdlet. I searched '-ErrorAction Stop' parameter and used with Enable-RemoteMailbox cmdlet but no luck.

    Someone please help me out…

  • New-QADUser cmdlet Issue when logging the account creation event

    So when using the new-qaduser cmdlet, see below, The Event Log for event 4720 on the DC its connecting to to create the user account shows:

    Security ID: Domain\testing3
    Account Name: $2RG100-UU7PKQ1Q51GA
    Account Domain: Domain

    SAM Account…

  • How to trigger map operation and commit without using the GUI console?

    Is there a way to trigger a map operation and commit for a password sync pair without using the GUI console?  The admin guide explains how to do it with console, but I'd prefer to send a command to the QARS server to trigger that, instead (preferably from…

  • PowerShell Library Source Code

    # *****************************************************************************
    # Best Practices Library For PowerShell
    # *****************************************************************************\
    # Copyright One Identity

  • Unable to set edsvaSecondaryOwnersCanUpdateMembershipList attribute on a group object using PowerShell

    Hello all,

    I have run into another snag when trying to modify objects in ARS with PowerShell. Currently, I am working on scripting DL creation but am hung up on changing one attribute. My current code is as follows:

    Connect-QADService -Proxy