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  • Quest Powershell to Remove Leading Zero

    How can I remove the first leading zero using powershell?

    I have the following numbers and need them to have the first zero removed.

    00010 >> 0010

    Any suggestions?

  • Get current logged in user


    How to get current logged in user through custom script in ARS?


  • Uncheck and Disable 'Creation of Mailbox' option in Contact creation wizard


    I'm have tried below script in policy to uncheck and disable 'Create a mailbox' option in the contact creation wizard but its not reflecting on the screen.

    function onGetEffectivePolicy($Request)
    if($Request.Class -ne "contact"){return…

  • Set Active Roles (ARS) Scheduled (PowerShell) Script Modules to Execute in PWSH.exe (v6+) vs POWERSHELL.exe

    How can I explicitly instruct ARS to execute scripts in PowerShell v7

  • How to call a remote powershell script from within a ARS workflow?

    Hi all, 

    Using ARS 7.4.3. I have a rather long Powershell script which I would like to start from a workflow. Meaning the workflow starts an Active Roles Powershell script which then fires the external script. In a normal powershell command windows, I…

  • try catch not working

    I wrote a custom powershell script and have it run in a workflow.

    I'm having an issue with the try catch statement. If I remove try catch and just run the command inside the try method, the workflow executes fine. However, when a try catch is added,…

  • Quickconnect Deprovision from DB2 Table to Active Roles

    Source System: DB2 Table

    Destination: Active Roles Server

    I have the synchronization service read data from a table. This table is formed by user submission to deprovision accounts. From the sync server, I send a deprovision job over to Active Roles…

  • Creating users with unique attributes


    I am currently struggling to figure out a strategy to ensure that user attributes are unique.

    I did some reading and found an article that recommended what attributes should be unique:…

  • Add-PSSnapin : No snap-ins have been registered for Windows PowerShell version 5.


    I am trying to access Quest AD server via Powershell PSSession which is running in windows 7, powershell 5.1. But the Quest AD server running in Windows 12, Powershell 3.1.

    I am facing  the below error when add-snapin from PSSession

    "Add-PSSnapin …

  • Issues setting attributes via PowerSHell

    Hi all,

    we are about to roll-out self-service for group management.

    For that reason, I need to bulk-set primary and secondary owners.

    While trying to get started I am experiencing issues in settings neccessary attributes.

    I can set ManagedBy flag and…

  • Possible to add a reason / justification for a request / workflow using PowerShell and Add-QADGroupMember?

    Hello all,

    Recently, we have implemented Workflows into ARS and I am trying to make sure that I can still automate certain processes. Currently, I am working with a security group that has a workflow implemented which sends an email to an approver which…

  • QARS Workflow/Policy Script to capture onPostModify of the mail attribute for a user and then write user's employeeID and mail attribute to a CSV file for export to our Workday HR system

    I need to implement a workflow/policy script that triggers onPostModify of the mail attribute, both for new users and changes to the mail attribute of existing users, and writes the user's employeeID and mail attribute to a CSV file and uploads it to…

  • Unable to add users to a shared mailbox using Set-QADObject @{'edsva-MsExch-SharedMailboxUsers'='user'}

    Hello all,

    I am currently scripting the creation of a shared mailbox using PowerShell and am running into a roadblock. I can create the new object without an issue, all included information is included however I cannot seem to add any users to the shared…

  • ARS PowerShell script to "Move" users from one group to another.

    I have a .csv with 2 columns. Column 1 is called SourceGroup with a list of groups, and the other is DestinationGroup with a different list. I have a script I am trying to use that will Add the users from SourceGroup to the DestinationGroup, after the…

  • Create Managed Units and link Access Templates to Managed Unit by script or PowerShell


    I have a very large client with a very flat AD structure, would it be possible to script the creation of Managed Units and link Access templates to the Managed Units?

    Also is there any recommendations about the number of managed units to have…

  • QARS Workflow New-QADUSER from CSV - Access is Denied

    I am calling the script module below from a Workflow in order to create new accounts from a CSV.

    When I run the workflow manually (right click and select 'Run') the result is 'Access id Denied'. However, if I run the script in the same user context from…

  • Import-Module SQLPS - In Script Module | Active Roles


    I just upgraded to Active Roles 7.2 and trying to run a powershell script module with SQL cmdlets.

    The cmdlets runs fine from ISE but I cannot get them to run from the script module.

    I even run Import-Module SQLPS in the script module. This was…

  • Translating Objectsid to SID

    We have a postcreate script (powershell) that we run to set permissions for a users home directory. I am attempting to convert the script from using the users samaccountname to use the users sid. The problem is that from the $Request I am only able to…

  • Need to find out all attributed modified in function onPreModify

    Hi all!

    I need to dynamically find all attributes modified in function onPreModify($Request).

    I do NOT want to something like:

    function onPreModify($Request)


    if ((IsAttributeModified "edsva_myattribute" $Request) -eq $true)

                #do something…

  • Error in workflow - need help works in powershell

    I can run this in Powershell no issues, would appropriate any help.  I am writing how many days left until an account expires to a VA.

    = (([datetime]::FromFileTime((Get-ADUser Identity $user -Properties "msDS-UserPasswordExpiryTimeComputed…
  • Active Roles custom attributes(edsva) reference?

    Where can I find more information about the Active Roles custom attributes like edsva-MsExch-MailboxType and what are the supported values? Is there a reference for all Active Roles custom attributes and where it is located if there is one?

  • Get-QADUser returns blank values

    In the process of upgrading our v6.9 to the latest version but there is a burning issue for which our Operations team is looking for a report. The requirement is to gather the list of all user accounts in AD with their EmployeeIDReference and Division…

  • Windows Administrative Delegation


    I was wondering what Quest product can perform the following functionality, as I need a single product (key word) for Windows 7->10 client & W2K8 R2->W2K16 server, that covers all the below tasks with no user admin rights at all (i.e.…

  • Updating EDS_CONTROL_OBJECT_DN Not Working - ARS 7

    I've created a workstation deprovisioning policy, this policy changes properties, disabled and moves a workstation to a deprovisioned OU. This isn't a form policy, it's an attribute setter command. It flips a boolean to true which kicks off the policy…

  • Using Quest Commandlets in onPostGet Function (Looping & Crashing ActiveRoles Service)

    I implemented a new script to our system yesterday that uses onPostGet to retrieve information and show information on a form after it loads. I have traced it down to running QAD commandlets in the onPostGet function. This leads to errors like: