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  • try catch not working

    I wrote a custom powershell script and have it run in a workflow.

    I'm having an issue with the try catch statement. If I remove try catch and just run the command inside the try method, the workflow executes fine. However, when a try catch is added,…

  • Need to find out all attributed modified in function onPreModify

    Hi all!

    I need to dynamically find all attributes modified in function onPreModify($Request).

    I do NOT want to something like:

    function onPreModify($Request)


    if ((IsAttributeModified "edsva_myattribute" $Request) -eq $true)

                #do something…

  • Modifying Workflow Parameters in a script


    I'm currently running ARS 6.9 and am trying to understand some basic workflow functionality.


    For a basic example I have a test workflow like so:

    There's a parameter for it aptly named 'TestParam'. This parameter is set as a string that's…