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  • 2018 September Highlights Part 1

    Starling Connect:

    Connectors:  SuccessFactors Users/Groups management connector will be available later today.  A SuccessFactors HR connector is currently in development, and will be available soon.

  • 2018 August Highlights Part 3

    Starling Connect:

    Connectors:  Two new connectors roll out later today.  Jira Server (for users and groups) and RSA Archer (for users, groups, roles and profiles).

    Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence:

    Azure Active Directory Risk Intelligence:  It’s…

  • 2018 August Highlights Part 2

    Starling Connect:

    New Product Launch:  We are excited to announce the release of Starling Connect, a new cloud-architected solution built on top of our Starling platform.  Starling Connect is available today.  You can start your own 30 day trial by going …

  • 2018 August Highlights Part 1

    The Starling Platform:

    Maintaining control over who, and what, has access to your Starling tenant: Our Software as a Service (Starling) offerings continue to expand.  As the person responsible for your Starling tenant, that is the Starling tenant administrator…

  • 2018 July Highlights Part 2

    Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence:

    Customization for Attribute Based Risk  The recent enhancement that factors in attribute data in risk classification can now supports further customization.  The default Best Practice values can be tuned and optimized…

  • 2018 July Highlights Part 1

    Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence:

    Attribute-based factors included in risk classification:  Identity Analytics greatly expands to include attribute based data when performing risk classification.   The attribute scope includes accounts and computers…

  • 2018 June Highlights Part 1

    Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence:

    Group Membership Rules:  The template rules for Group Memberships have been renamed to the more obvious 'Group Membership'.  Customer feedback helped clarify the naming convention to something more easily…

  • 2018 May Highlights Part 2

    Starling Platform:

    GDPR Contact Management:  Starling tenant administrators have a new view to manage their GDPR contacts.   The new view can be found under Settings - Manage GDPR Contacts.  The new view is part of an overall GDPR readiness initiative.  To…

  • 2018 May Highlights Part 1

    Starling 2FA:

    Collaboration Management:  A new simple rollback capability was added to the collaborator management views.  This allows for simple un-delete of a collaborator


    Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence:

    Risk Trend: How am I doing? That’s not…

  • 2018 April Highlights Part 2

    Starling 2FA:


    Capability to resend an invitation to a collaborator: We added an option to resend invitation to collaborator in Starling 2FA Dashboard in the case the invitation was never received. With this option now an Administrator can now resend the invitation…

  • 2018 April Highlights Part 1

    Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence:


    Safeguard Risk Calculation and Event Improvements: We previously introduced the addition of Safeguard as a data source for Risk Intelligence. As we see and hear more from our customers we improved the calculation…

  • 2018 March Highlights

    Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence:


    Group Nesting:   Do you nest groups in Active Directory?  Turns're not alone!  Group maintenance is an ongoing struggle in any active Active Directory environment. One of the challenges with group nesting…