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    One of the highlights of the One Identity EMEA UNITE Partner Conference in Malta was the Celebration Dinner and One Identity EMEA Partner Awards 2017. There were fourteen awards presented by Jim Lawless (a leading inspirational speaker & author of Taming…

  • Webcast: Access Control is Easy: Use Active Directory Groups and Manage Them Well

    January 17, 2013

    11:00:00 AM Eastern Time

    That really says it. There’s a lot more to why and how which we’ll cover in the webinar but at the end good access control comes down to avoiding the use of local groups whether on Windows file servers, in SQL…

  • Has the Holiday season left you wondering if you have control over anything???

    We all get busy around the holidays in both our personal and professional lives.


    But the new year is approaching fast and it is more important than ever to make sure you have control over what users have access to.


    In the whitepaper "Access Control…

  • Quest ARS script problem called a powershell script located on a DFS share

    Dear Quest ARS experts,

    Let me explain my problem,

    On Quest ARS script, when I call a local powershell script. It works fine,

    Here is the piece of code, when it works fine:


    But If I change the ARS script to call a script located on a DFS folder (UNC path…

  • Get-QADObject Memory Issues

    Good Morning,

    I'm tried looking around the web for this issue, but have not been able to find a definite solution.

    QUICK OVERVIEW: My company had to change email servers. In the process we migrated just under 4,000 users to the new email system. As…

  • Upgrade Guide/Path - Quest ARS 6.7 to 6.9


                  just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction for some guidance on how best to approach an upgrade of Quest ARS from v6.7 to v6.9? Having had a look through the documentation listed on the Download 6.9 page (…

  • Audit Quest Active Roles Server policies - High level Audit


    I have a client requirement to audit all of the Quest Active role policies on version 6.9.

    There is no easy way to do this ? Scripted extracts ? SQL script ?

    All resources I find are the export via the GUI that dumps to ugly XML that cannot be interpreted…

  • Enable AUTO Out-Of-Office (OOO) message for disabled active directory users

    Enable AUTO Out-Of-Office (OOO) message for disabled active directory users that own a mailbox in case the employee is terminated or quits.

    I have the following powershell scripts to process output of Exchange 2010 PowerShell cmdlets from within a Quest…

  • UnhandledException has occurred in your application

    UnhandledException has occurredin your application error pops up during Q1IM database installation. Any help would be appreciated:

    Attached here is also the screen shots of the error message.

    See the end of this message for details on invoking

  • provide manager access to the deprovisioned mailboxes

    We are trying to provide manager access to the mailboxes, but then I also want to hide the mailboxes for disabled accounts in Q1IM. Any suggestion would be helpful. We are not using ARS.

  • Business role available but invisible to the user


    We need to give a user the membership of a business role that is linked with a group in ADS, but for some users (in a birthright role) this BR should not be visible from the web front end.

    I tried just leaving the associated requestable resource in…

  • Adding PreferredName to Central User Account???

    I have the following script to create the central user account with FirstInitial and Last Name. If firstNAme and LastName already exist add middle initial to the central user account. Please advise:

    Now, I would like to add the PreferredName if it exists…

  • Integrating Q1IM with ServiceNow (web service configuration)

    Hello all,

    I'm looking for some help getting Q1IM configured to ServiceNow. I need to be able to submit a request from Q1IM to ServiceNow successfully (for testing purposes). The steps I have taken so far are noted below:

    1) Created "ServiceNow" target…

  • Provisioning UNS Account via QC

    I am trying to import some UNS accounts from CSV files with Quest One Quick Connect. The import failed and got the following error messgaes. Please advise how I would solve this or what is the best practice to import CSV files via QC? The following is…

  • Notifying Manager and Resource Owner upon Deprovisiong UNS Accounts

    I would like to have an Alert be emailed sent to the user manager and the resource owner when the user entitlment is changed/removed from UNS account user.

    Email shoudl have:

    Subject: Task Completed by [Name of Administrator]

    Task: [Access/Entitlement  removed…

  • Enable AUTO Out-Of-Office (OOO) message reply

    I am trying to Enable AUTO Out-Of-Office (OOO) message reply  for disabled active directory users that own a mailbox in case the employee is terminated or quits.

    I have the following powershell scripts to process output of Exchange 2010 PowerShell cmdlets…

  • Creating email notification for Identity Manger Personnel

    I am trying to create a process that sends email notofication for the Identity Manager Personnel up on the denial of the requests  by the resource owner. The email trigger should be fired when the resource owner denies the removal of the access/entitlements…

  • Going from no write to write?

    Preparing to go live we were planning to execute the following process;

    -Connect our target systems (in the UNS, AD etc) in "no write" mode.

    -Load all our target systems (to have the current data)

    -Load all the employees from the source systems…

  • Modifying Custom Email Notification Process

    We are trying to customize the subject, body and header of the following email notifications.

    VI_ESS_PersonWantsOrg Send Mail when Unsubscribe

    VI_ESS_PersonWantsOrg_Send Mail when Closed and refused

    VI_ESS_PersonWantsOrg_Send Mail when Closed

    Does anyone…

  • How to find the Identity Audit Rule if user gets the entitlement?


    We have a requirement to create a report that will have as an input the Employee Identifier and Entitlement Identitier, and as a result will list any Identity Audit Rule that could break if the user gets that entitlement.

    Is that possible?

    I would appreciate…

  • Provisioning Query


    I am new to Dell One Identity Manager.

    And along with managing user lifecycle, I have the requirement to provision user accounts to AD, exchange, sharepoint, etc.

    I just need to understand that would Dell One Identity Manager alone is sufficient to cater…

  • Import hr data into quest using flatfile

    Quest Experts,

    I get my hr feed via flatfile and i want to automate the data import process rather than using DATA IMPORT so the schedule picks up the file every 24 hrs.

    I am fairly new to Quest Identity. I would appreciate if someone can guide me on…