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  • SAP R/3 synchronization error (LDAPAccountInLDAPGroup)!

    Hi everyone,

    I am trying to synchronize a new SAP R/3 project but I am having the next error (attached in the url)

    SAP R/3 error

    The last action I did was try to install the LDAP component for this Job Sevice.

    Job Service components

    Any help will be…

  • Understand the default DN syntax the SAP Connector uses for Person


    Trust you are safe and healthy.

    The variable "vrtdistinguishedName" in the mapping "Employee" from the SAP Connector using the HCM employees objects template, generates a default value like "CN=<EmployeeID>,OU=000,OU=…

  • SAP User object ignored during synchronization because object has M:N provisioning tasks

    Dear fellow experts,

    Trust you are safe and healthy.

    I've configured a SAP CUA synchronization project which is configured to be in read-only (both in the intial Base Administration template configuration and target system configuration) so the data…

  • SAP CUA - Base Administration Template ALE Clients not synced

    Hi fellow experts,

    Trust everyone is safe and healthy.

    Quick question, I have a SAP R/3 Connector connecting to our SAP CUA using the Base Administration template in Read-only mode.

    When I browse the target system using target system browser at SAP side…

  • SAP default Base Administration template synchronization project error Inserting duplicates even though object exist.

    Dear fellow experts, I hope everyone is safe and healthy.

    I'm seeing a very strange behavior and I was hoping that someone can point me in the right direction.

    We have configured a SAP CUA synchronization project in read only mode using the default…

  • Error while Synchronizing from SAP CUA using the default Base Administration template

    Hi fellow OneIM experts, I hope everyone is safe and healthy.

    We have created a SAP CUA sync project using the default Base Administration template in Read-only mode and when I execute it I get the below error. Initially I got this error for userMandant…

  • SAP connector: How the deal with "reference users" in SAP?

    SAP connector: How the deal with "reference users" in SAP? In SAP account (transaction Su01) there is a possibility to add a reference user so, the account also gets its roles from reference user in addition to the actual account. (background: This is…

  • SAP R / 3 Sync project setup fails --> NOT_AUTHORIZED


    We are currently preparing to go live with version 8.0.3.
    We test all interfaces and in the case of the sync project for SAP R / 3 we came across a new error that has not yet occurred.

    When setting up the SAP Sync project, we use the same service…

  • Worldwide conglomerate easily achieves IGA success with its digital transformation

    Otto Group IT serves the technology needs of companies around the world. Its clients span industries, including retail, finance and logistics. As the conglomerate undertook digital transformation initiatives, its legacy identity governance and administration…

  • Database CPU requirements to use SAP functions

    Hi all,

    I imported 2 SAP functions using the plugin called "Import SAP functions definition" from a CSV file with 70 rows. After that I created the correspondent SAP function instances but I can see on JobQueueInfo that the DB processes "Interim calculation…

  • Simplify the management of SAP-user accounts and their access rights

    How to manage SAP-User Accounts and Access Rights with Identity Manager. 

    Cengiz Tuztas, Senior Solutions Architect for Identity and Access Management, shows you how you can simplify the management of SAP-user accounts and their access rights. Native SAP…

  • SAP Client provisioning, if the client is not available because cloud system is down to reduce costs


    in our environment we have connected every SAP client (more than 300) to our IAM system, so Prod, QS and Development.

    Now more and more systems will be shifted to cloud environments, where during the night or if they are not needed for a specific…

  • Upcoming webcast: Reduce the Burden Of Managing SAP With Enterprise Identity Management

    May 23, 2019

    1 PM ET 

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    Implementing Identity and Access Management universally across multiple IT infrastructures and software platforms is a major challenge for any organization. IAM implementation is no longer about promoting efficiency during…

  • SAP Connector: set the "valid from" date

    We are using One Identity 8.0.1 and the SAP Connector

    We are starting to provision SAP roles to SAP ECC.

    By default, the field "Valid from" of the assigned role in ECC is set by One Identity to 01-01-1900 while we need to set it to the date of…

  • Full Sync Problems wih SAP

    We have noticed that we have a problem with the synchronization with SAP.
    Due to several errors, we took a closer look at the log and discovered the following message:

    "Process task FullSync failed"

    However, the job VI_SAP_SAPMandant_FullSync…

  • SAP Sync Problems - Process task FullSync Failed


    we are running Quest One Identity Manager in version 6.1.3 in our productive environment.
    Due to several errors with SAP, we checked the logs for errors and found that the following message appears there.

        Start processing object class …
  • Only one execution slot is used by the SAP queue


    even there are 10 slots defined for the SAP queue on the job server, SAP provisioning tasks are only using one single slot, preventing to run in parallel several SAP provisioning tasks.

    We don't face the issue with either AD, Exchange or LDAP…

  • Connector to connect SAP Portal (UME)

    Hello Community,

    I am wondering which connector to use in order to use Identity Manager for SAP JAVA based Portal (UME roles)?

    Maybe you can give me a hint.



  • Overcoming the Political Challenges of IAM for SAP-Centric Organizations to Create the Perfect World

    Striking a balance between security and business enablement is a constant challenge for any organization. Even for seemingly well-adjusted businesses, this search for the perfect world can be fraught with misunderstandings, miscommunication and political…

  • Getting Identity and Access Management Right – Even If SAP Is Involved

    DATE: Tuesday, May 23, 2017

    TIME: 4:00pm CEST, 10:00am ET, 7:00am PT

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    IT departments are struggling to make this access frictionless for users yet maintain compliance with corporate and government-imposed security and privacy…

  • Tame Your SAP Environment/Modules - and All Your Enterprise Applications With One Governance Solution

    One of the more challenging problems of identity and access management (IAM) is dealing with the dizzying array of user entitlements. Answers to simple questions such as, ‘What resources does George have access to?’ or ‘Who has access to this resource…

  • Quest One Identity Manager gains SAP Certification

    Let’s face it: your users have too many passwords. That means that your IT team is managing too many identities for each user: one for your SAP system, one for your e-mail software, one for Linux-based applications, and one for Active Directory. Quest…

  • Connecting to SAP

    I try to connect to SAP, running the simulation goes fine but when I execute it from the job server I got an error. Has anyone a clue whats going wrong?

    ErrorMessages = (2018-06-01 09:54:36.420) [2134003] Error executing synchronization.
    [2134004] The…

  • Sync log error

    Hello!  I currently have a daily sync setup between SAP and IDM, and on the Job Title to Job Function mapping, I am getting these errors in the sync log:


    [810306] Error during execution of 'OnSaving' in logic module 'RMB.Customizer.Org'.…

  • SAP R3 initial sync error (version 8.0)

    Hi Experts,

    I have just configured the SAP R3 Sync project (Base and HCM template). 

    Tried to run the initial sync, please find the below error message.


    Connection details looks good and it was successful while configuring and the sap .net libraries…