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  • MSSQL connection through SPS it not working with Windows authentication


    I am trying to connect SQL management studio to a SQL server through MSSQL connection of SPS.

    The connection using the Windows authentication is not working giving error 

    No username specified
    A connection was successfully established with the server…

  • Safeguard SPS - Access archived sessions


    Hope you all are safe.

    I have an inquiry about play archived recorded videos through SPS search panel.

    I just found the archived sessions logs, and couldn't play rendered videos or check analytical behavior.

    and kindly verify please in case of…

  • Web UI issues with RDP sessions


    We have Safeguard for Privileged Passwords, version 2.11 installed and we have two issues with the Web UI:

    -First issue:

    When a user requests a session and click on the play button to start the session it shows this message: 

    "Session launched.…

  • Meet me in San Francisco

    The RSA Security conference is one of the main ways that I stay up to speed on all things security – and specifically identity and access management – related.

    Last year, I was honored to be chose to present in the main conference track and…

  • ARS 6.8 Web Interface - auto logout

    Does anybody know, if the AutoLogout setting in the ARS 6.8 WI "Interface Settings" still work as advertised?

    From the ARS 6.8 SDK - the edsaWISettings attribute can be modified to allow for automatic logout.

    I tried it with the <AutoLogout Timeout…