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  • 2017 March Highlights Part 2

    Starling Platform:

    Azure AD work account support: As we continue to enhance the Starling platform we are keenly aware that many organizations struggle with managing security and identities across all their various SaaS applications. To help customers…

  • 2017 March Highlights Part 1

    Starling 2FA:

    Role Management Enhances: The admin dashboard now permits administrators to modify roles of other 2FA collaborators. As the Starling ecosystem continues to expand this simplifies how administrators control access to existing and future Starling…

  • 2017 February Highlights

    Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) Platform:

    Go Live: One Identity is excited to announce the launch of our new Software as a Service platform! Organizations can continue to rely on One Identity's claim of offering solutions that are modular and integrated…

  • 2017 July Highlights

    Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence:

    Preview Mode:  Identity Analytics is moving out of preview mode shortly.  After the change the product will move into a release state.  A 30 day Trial will replace the previous preview option

    High Risk Account Views…

  • 2017 June Highlights

    Starling Platform:

    Infrastructure:  All of these updates should remain hidden from view as the back-office is updated to support the upcoming launch of Identity Analytics.  Integration and testing is being conducted on multiple services like order processing…

  • 2017 May Highlights

    Starling 2FA:

    Let's start with Starling Two-Factor Authentication.   Feel free to kick the tires via a free, self-service 30 day trial.  

    RADIUS Agent is Available: A lot of existing applications have built-in support for RADIUS.  The new RADIUS agent allows…

  • 2017 March Highlights Part 3

    Starling Identity Analytics & Risk Intelligence updates:

    New classification rules:  These rules process the data and identify additional high impact accounts.  The three existing rules looked at Active Roles and identified accounts with Active Roles…