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  • Error while undo-deprovisioning users

    I got ARS upgraded to 7.4.3 upgraded to our test environment, during testing i found out i get an error while doing a undo-deprovionsing user from the Disabled Users - deprovionsined users container

    The error says 'Built-in Policy - Dynamic Groups' failed…

  • Active Roles 7.2.1 public hotfix now available on the Support Portal (KB 247276)

    Active Roles 7.2.1 public hotfix, KB 247276, is now available on the Support Portal:


    This hotfix package address several issues with both Active Roles and the Sync Service.

  • Use workflow script to modify attribute of removed member

    I have a need to modify an attribute whenever a user is removed from a group. Stored in every users extensionattribute5 are values like this   1024adm;1025adm;1969adm;1429adm;


    We have matching groups for each of those values.   What I would like is that…

  • Replace Umlaute(ä,ü,ö)


    is there a way to replace Umlaute(ä, ü, ö) in a request directly. I have tested something but nothing works


    function onGetEffectivePolicy($Request)


    $string = "%<sn>%<givenname>"


  • Understanding onPost event handlers

    Hello, folks.

    Ran into a problem that I'm still trying to get my head around. My understanding (per the documentation and SDK) is that the onPost event handlers trigger after a request has been committed to the directory. I'm currently witnessing some…

  • Script send email - include users home folder location?


    I am trying to write a script that will email users when their home folder is created.  I have a script that will send the email now, but I want to specify the location of the users home folder.  I would have just typed that in the email, but there…

  • Unable to update Mail Attribute with ERFM installed

    I have an interesting issue with a VBScript when trying to update the mail attribute.

    Current Setup: 2 AD Forests, 1 is a user account forest and the other is a Exchange resource forest, shadow accounts are in the resource forest and the MsExchMasterAccount…

  • Cleanup pending temporal group membership operations

    Hi all,

    I just found that I have a half-dozen pending temporal group membership changes.  It appears that they are well outside of my management history retention and SOL61603 indicates that management history is required for temporal group functionality…

  • Help with Renaming sAMAccountName

    Hi All

    We have a ARS Administration Policy that along with the few standard PVG policies has a policy which forces the UPN Prefix and sAMAccountName to be the same.  This is fine during an account creation, as we supply the givenName and sn and then let…

  • Workflow - Link to Target Object

    I am working on a new workflow notification and would like to include a link to the target object. This would allow the recipient to quickly open the target object in the web console and view the object's properties.   I dont see an OOB token to handle…

  • ARS 6.7.0 - Workflow notification native changes


    we have implemented a Workflow notification once the groupmembership for the 'Domain Admins' group changes. However this will only be triggered if the change was done with the use of ActiveRoles.

    Does anyone know if this can be achieved as…

  • ActiveRoles Management Shell - Administer policies?

    Is it possible to administer ActiveRoles policies using Management Shell cmdlets? I noticed another discussion: however this only retrieves policies.

    I would like to build a custom powershell script which creates…

  • ARS build best practice

    I'm wondering if anyone has some suggestions on whether they separate out the mgmt servers from the web interface role for ARS and also what you do for failover/high availability?  I also have multiple sites and does anyone have suggestions on how…

  • ARS & Quick Connect - same servers?


    Does anyone have ARS and Quest Quick connect running on the same servers for synching the ad to different databases or in my case I have to synch to a ms sql db but then also add another quick connect job to sync to 1 or 2 lab environments so that…

  • Help with Powershell ActiveRoles Mgmt Shell for AD Excel Export

    From AD, I want to pull the following information for a list of users (I only have their full name as displayed in AD):

    Full Name, Login Name, Last Computer Logged into and date and time of this last login

    Is there a way I can pull this information for…

  • Deleted user report?

    Hey Everyone,

    Has anyone come up with a report that will provide a list of users that get deleted by the ARS server? I am trying to build one in the quest knowledge portal and not having much luck.

  • Script or Report on accounts scheduled for deletion?

    Hey Group,

    I am new here, but this is a great community!  We have a need to notify some people when accounts will be deleted and this report has to include a couple of attributes of the user account. We've been searchin for a way to do this and the only…

  • Powershell profiles - help

    This community is fantastic, thanks to all for your help learning powershell, ars, and a heap of stuff.

    I want to create a profile that will list all of the modules I have available and the snap-ins that are available as well.  Define the colors for the…

  • Workflows & Other Add-in downloads?

    Hey there - I am trying to find out what the new Unified Messaging features are in ARS 6.7 and what add-ins for systems and workflows there are that work with 6.7? I found the download page but are all the items there compatible with 6.7?

  • SQL report - add-on properties?

    Is there any easy way to add on items to reports from the report pack/qkp? I tried doing some db queries against the data collector db and not being a dba I am not having much luck.  Is there a place to get add-on reports or something that would show how…

  • get-qarsoperation send output to qad-getuser?

    Is this possible? I've tried several things and haven't found anything in the forums or online that shows this will work? I read some other posts people are looking to do the same thing I am, but is it possible to pull the results of changes, provisions…

  • Remote Powershell - ars server, load modules/snappins?


    I can connect to the ars server using remote powershell, but I can't get the quest ad modules, exchange tools, and other modules to load into my shell when I connect remotely.

    How can I do this?

    Right now I tried doing add-pssnappin  Quest.ActiveRoles…

  • user home folder deletion?

    Hey Folks - I am working on a script that will delete the users home folders when the users AD account is deleted by the ARS built-in scheduled task. The built in process fails to delete the users home folders and we have about 20 file servers that a…

  • script help to delete users and/or home folders?

    I am trying to find a script to delete AD user accounts and/or home folders. I have setup a deprovisioning policy that deletes accounts after x number of days but can't use that on a bunch of other accounts as they were deprovisioned before the policy…

  • Change virtual attribute for multiple users in an OU?

    I am trying to find out how to change a virtual attribute for multiple users, I want to change the deprovision deletion date for many accounts in one OU.  I know how to get the attribute value for a user, but I'm stuck on trying to get this into a script…