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  • The business wants what the business wants #IAM #cloud #SSO

    Most discussions about SSO are put in terms of the user. It’s the user that wants it in these stories, the user that forces it to happen, and the user that benefits. That’s all true to some extent. But there is another clear beneficiary to SSO. That’s…

  • Active Administrator upgrade from AD Spotlight

    I am looking for Active Administrator upgrade procedure. I am currently using Active Directory Spotlight for my AD infrastructure monitoring. Is it possible to upgrade the AD Spotlight server to have Active Administrator 8.0 ?

    I am using separate tool…

  • Can I use vsj-standard with Java 1.7?

    I have an application with desktop client who connect with the server via vsj-weblogic library:

    - jaas.config
    - WinSSPIProvider --> WinSSPI.dll
    - EjbClientKerberosLoginModule


    My weblogic server is running on java 8, but I can't upgrade java from client…

  • One identity Cloud Access Manager not able to add roles

    Hello Guys, I am new to Cloud Access Manager so my question is very simple.

    I have installed AD , DNS and CAM server on one single VM. Everything is configured i added Active directory as a front End authenticator. But when i m trying to add roles in…

  • Error occured while loading /active_users_report/data/?url=http://askit.vodacom.corp/&_=1491814106629

    Environment: SharePoint 2010.

    Only happening on the one site and not on any other 25 sites.

    Restarted all the Services.

    Only happening on the active users report (Daily usage) and not on the other reports.


    Help please

  • Bookmarks

    The bookmark option is potentially handy but I am not clear on the distinction between an “Application” vs. a “Group”: