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  • Happy Data Privacy Day!

    The phrase always makes you think. Data privacy has a day, for people to focus on, think about it, and work towards betterment privacy. But what is data privacy? Should we call this something more relatable to people? Privacy is all about a person. Data…

  • How to check user's last login details?


    Is there any table where user's last login details to webportal is stored? 

  • Iso/Iec 27001 from an Auditor’s Perspective

    For many organizations, compliance with data security standards doesn't seem to be getting easier. With the myriad of regulations, it’s not easy to understand what each one of them are actually requiring you to do.

    You can get ahead of the game…

  • vgptool and audit logging on RHEL


    We've enabled audit logging on security relevant files.

    We see unnecessary  chown and chmod accesses to the group-override file.

    /etc/opt/quest/vas/group-override log entry:

    type=PROCTITLE msg=audit(09/08/2017 08:22:46.341:28049) : proctitle…