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  • Getting error when trying to delegate role memebership

    When trying to delegate role membership or employee manager responsibilities though the web portal I keep receiving this error:

    Delegation could not be saved.
    One or more errors occurred.
    PersonWantsOrg: The following fields are compulsory and need to…
  • Approval procedure for delegations

    (Ver 7.1.2)

    Hello again experts,


    Let me explain what we want to do and how have we tried to do so.

    So our aim is to create an approval workflow for delegations in which the person you are delegating to has to approve it (“accept” that delegation). Sounds…

  • Flexibility is a key to success in Identity and Access Management (IAM)


    IAM (Identity & Access Management) is a central discipline of Information Security. But it rarely starts on a green field – commonly there are already some IAM components in place such as directories, Single Sign-On etc. There might also be e. g…

  • Delegate Employee Responsibilities of Other Users

    In our environment we want to grant to members of a certain business role the ability to delegate any employee responsibility belonging to any user.  For example, if Jane is part of the "Help Desk" business role she should be able to  navigate…

  • How to delegate pending requests?


    There is an option in the portal to delegate pending attestations but I don't see a similar option for pending requests? Does such option exist?


  • Delegate Full Access but prevent assigning of additional Access Templates


    In my company, I have delegated Full Access (all objects) to several Organizational Units in AD - I recently noticed this also allows admins to assign additional Access Templates to allow other users to have access to that same area. Is there any way…

  • RE: delegation of business roles

    Hi Sergei,

    You can only delegate what you have currently assigned or are responsible for and the item has to be delegable. Please check your role class for the business roles you are missing in the delegation view. I assume that the role class is not set…

  • ARS Group Family Delegation


    Does anyone know how to delegate control for group families in ARS?

    I can't seem to find the proper template or permission to add to allow someone to create and manage group families.


    Lucius Rigunay

  • Delegation in Q1IM

    Hi there,

    I have a question regarding the delegation capabilities in Q1IM system.


    Basically, I want to connect a target system, which requires the following provisioning information:

    UID_Person, UID_Profitcenter, Another integer value.


    The assignments shall…