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  • Schema extension of AccProductParameter in Manager UI

    We did a schema extension on the table AccProductParameter, column CCC_IsPassword, which basically controls the way how the field appears on the web, bullets or not.

    Unfortunately it's not automatically showing up in Manager UI where we set up the properties…

  • Has the Holiday season left you wondering if you have control over anything???

    We all get busy around the holidays in both our personal and professional lives.


    But the new year is approaching fast and it is more important than ever to make sure you have control over what users have access to.


    In the whitepaper "Access Control…

  • Using a Role-Based Approach to Permissions Management

    Does your organization have more applications today than even just a year ago? And are you finding that managing permissions for those applications is more difficult—far more difficult—than it used to be? Does achieving regulatory compliance seem…

  • The User Who Didn't Know He Was A Super(user)

    Part 1:  Discovering Your Superman


    What is a privileged user?  It should be a simple question to answer — the two words give you a big hint as to where the definition should end up. It’s a user, and, quite obviously, this user has one or several privileges…

  • Upcoming Webcast: Exploring a Fully Automated IAM Environment

    Webcast: Exploring a Fully Auotmated IAM Environment

    Date: Tuesday, July 22nd

    Time: 11:00 a.m. ET

    Have you ever wondered what would it be like to have a fully automated IAM environment? Envision streamlining every step of an employee’s access, from initial…

  • Exploring a Fully Automated IAM Environment

    View the On-demand Webcast with security expert Randy Franklin Smith on: Exploring a Fully Automated IAM Environment

    You can discover strategies and tools to make it easy for you to:

    • Fully automate common Identity and Access Management tasks
    • Easily prepare…
  • Have You Heard About Cloud Access Manager?

    Did you know that ten months ago, Quest released a new web authentication, single sign-on (SSO) and identity federation solution? It’s true! The product is called One Identity Cloud Access Manager, and the current release is version 7.1.

    Cloud Access…

  • Seven Steps to Designating Owners of Unstructured Data

    Many organizations are seeing surges in the amount of unstructured data in their environments, even as new data breaches come to light every week. As a result, those organizations face increased audit and regulatory pressure regarding loose access controls…

  • What do IAM and "making whoopee” have in common?

    During the summer between my eighth and ninth grade years, I worked at the local elementary school as a janitor. My job, along with one other kid was to clean the school from top to bottom to get it ready for the next school year. It seemed like the majority…

  • Radboud University Gains Control of Provisioning and Access Governance Cutting Enrollment Time by 50 Percent

    Read full press release

    • One Identity Manager enabled the university to simplify governance by merging multiple roles into a single identity
    • Risk reduced by ensuring more than 45,000 users have only the access they need

    Radboud University, a leading…

  • Learn how the City of Houston secures application access for its 15K users

    Clear proof that Identity and Access Management solutions are MUCH more effective than your favorite pain reliever!

    Learn how the City of Houston relieved its application access and password-induced headaches when it implemented One Identity Manager…

  • Is separation of duties (SoD) the key to protection from fraud and errors?

    It is 6:30 in the morning and I'm about to get to ready to head to the airport and then home after a week-long business trip.  On my way out the door I pick up my hotel bill; as I walk towards the elevator I look over the invoice and notice an additional…

  • Winner in Identity & Access Mgt. by the readers of and Information Security Magazine!

    We are honored to announce that One Identity Manager has been chosen a Winner by the readers of & Information Security Magazine.

    One Identity Manager provides you with the right access to business-critical information should be managed…

  • The Cloud and the new role of IT departments

    “The Cloud” is changing business in many ways. This discussion is mostly targeting B2B and B2C applications and how cloud and SaaS offerings are affecting access control and security.

    Cloud and SaaS offerings affect businesses in the reduced…

  • Making Security a Business Enabler Not a Barrier

    January 27, 2015 | 1:00 p.m. Eastern / 10:00 a.m. Pacific 

    For years, identity and access management (IAM) has been seen as the project of denial, restriction, limitation and sometimes failure. The processes and technologies required to enhance security…

  • The Next Frontier of Identity and Access Management: Business Agility

    For years, identity and access management (IAM) has been seen as the project of denial, restriction, limitation and sometimes failure. The processes and technologies required to enhance security seemed also destined to stifle collaboration and interfere…

  • Stories in the IAM Trenches - the Gartner Security & Risk Summit Edition

    I’m here in National Harbor, Maryland at the Gartner Security and Risk Summit. One of the advantages of sponsoring the event is the opportunity to do what Gartner calls a “Solution Provider Session”. Most sponsors use their allotted time to pitch their…

  • How to Make Security a Business Enabler, Not a Barrier

    For years, identity and access management (IAM) has carried the stigma of denial, restriction, limitation, and sometimes, failure. The processes and technologies required to enhance security seemed destined to stifle collaboration and interfere with…

  • Agile IAM Architecture—How Does It Really Help My Business?

    In today’s world, organizations need to have the right security policies and practices in place to prevent intrusions, protect data and ensure compliance with corporate policies and government regulations. When security enables an organization to make…

  • DASA, one of the largest laboratories in the world, secures identity and access processes

    Diagnostic medicine can be defined as the bridge that connects the research and development of diagnostic tests to their application in medical practice. DASA is the largest provider of diagnostic medical services in Latin America, and the fourth largest…

  • How we can configure the custom process schedule basis

    Hi ,

    I have created the one custom process and this custom process is calling to Powershell script.

    Now want to setup this process schedule basis.I have created the schedule plan but I don't have idea how to link my custom process with this schedule task…

  • Process information "Changed on"


    Can anyone tell me how I can return through report or sql query process information when an employee's info has changed on a template? I need to report Changed on date for Employee Status as see in the screen shot below.

    I have a need for SOX…

  • Enable-MailUser


    I need to build a process to mail-enable a user an external email address for office 365.

    Does anyone have an example I can use?

    Thank you,

    Lucius Rigunay

  • Trigger a script/process when a user is assigned a system role

    I am new to D1IM and need to run a script when a user is assigned a system role eg. X1 is the role name. The same script vil run for much similar system roles which will come in future such as X2 X3 etc.

    As per what i have used I see the processes are…

  • Assigning an employee a system roles which creates a record in PersonHasesettotal does not triiger process


    I have created a process on INSERT event on PersonHasEsetTotal tabel. In rode to test when i treid to assign System role to the user , the process did not get triggered but it got triggered via:


    Why does manually assigning sustem role which actually…