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  • Welcome to My World – How to Easily Handle a Sudden Storm of Active Directory Provisioning Tasks

    This current global health crisis has created chaos and hardship for individuals, families, companies and governments. With events canceled or postponed, offices closed and personal routines put on hold, life as we previously knew it, quickly changed…

  • Exchange Deprovisioning Policy issues

    Good afternoon everyone,

    I have a quick question on Exchange Deprovisioning Policy.  I am not getting an error but I don't think its working as intended.

    After upgrading from 6.9 to 7.4, I have not seen this work correctly. 

    We use to have it where…

  • Bouncing Back from Forced Change – the Active Directory Angle

    As you know, recent events forced nearly every organization in the world to quickly adjust the status of its workforce. Whether it was to transition office-based workers to remote access, to temporarily furlough employees with the intent to bring them…

  • Deprovision help

    I started a deprovision task but i need some components to configure I know the power shell task to get this done not sure how to call the attributes from a deprovision script.  I guess overall how would the community do it.


    • Backup mailbox to PST
    • setup…
  • Script or Report on accounts scheduled for deletion?

    Hey Group,

    I am new here, but this is a great community!  We have a need to notify some people when accounts will be deleted and this report has to include a couple of attributes of the user account. We've been searchin for a way to do this and the only…

  • Scriptbased Move object on deprovision

    I'm having some problems with scriptbased moving of objects on deprovision.
    I'm using a script like the one suggested in this thread:

    The Script works (No errors, and the object is moved…

  • Management History Migration - how long did yours take?

    I've managed to convince my boss that someone on the ARS dev team (thanks, Tatiana!) said that it would be harmless to run the Management History Migration Wizard even though we've been using 6.7 for several months now.

    However, I have no idea…

  • Deprovision a group through SPML

    Hi everyone,

    Sorry for the really basic question but I'm taking my first steps in ARS and they are through the SPML service interface.

    So the question is, how can I deprovision a group?

    When I try calling the suspend command I get this back: