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  • "Other Properties" empty on some pc's

    Hi all,

    we have recently upgraded ARS from 6.0x to 6.7, but are still running parallel environments.

    There are pc's with 6.7 which are showing the "Other Properties" tab and others don't. It has never been a problem on 6.0x and the configuration is identical…

  • Display Specifiers

    Hey everybody,

    I want to add a column in the result page of the search out of Quick Search & the Add Dialog of Groups and Users. Out on the result window from the Quick Search I can define it by myself by pressing the three arrows an choose columns. This…

  • Running powershell script via Context menu (right click) - ars 6.7


    I have configured my display specifiers as per the SDK document to be able to run a powershell script (ps1) file when a user right clicks on an OU. What I am looking to do is use to add functionality like 'bulk create user' to the MMC.

    I can…