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  • UNSAccountInUNSGroup attestations slow approvals


    I have a attestations policy with procedure on "User accounts: system entitlement assignments (UNSAccountInUNSGroup)".

    Some groups have thousands of users. When the attestation goes out and the user tries to approve more than 200 at a…

  • Connecting Azur AD through proxy.

    Hi All,

    I need help in below case.

    We are trying to connect Azure AD from server which don't have direct access to URLs. URL Access is enabled through proxy server.

    Firewall is enabled between job server and proxy server where URLs are whitelisted…

  • Too many redirects error with OpenID connect

    Hello ,

    We are integrating 1IM(8.1.3) with with Forgerock AM using Open Id connect . We are receiving the below error

    redirected you too many times.


    WE have two web servers behind a DNS.

    Please let me know if anyone have…

  • AttestationCase and ReducedApproverCalculation config parameter

    Hi All,

    I'm using Attestation functionality from OneIdentity v8.1 and I would like to recalculate approvers for open attestation cases when the employee's manager is being re-assign. Obviously employee's manager is a valid approver for the Attestation…

  • Customized page error after upgrade from 7.1.6 to 8.1.3


    Our OneIM on UAT environment just got upgraded from 7.1.6 to 8.1.3 with database upgraded via configuration wizard.

    Everything was fine except 3 customized web pages.

    The app server as well as web portal has been uninstalled and then re-installed…

  • How can I manually reset the state of a full sync job in the Sync Editor

    I had some issue with one synchronization project and it was failing for more than 15 days consecutively. I fixed the issue and ended all the sync jobs which were in frozen state in the job queue info (continue with error).

    However, new sync job was still…

  • DefaultSenderAddress (Display Name)DefaultSenderAddress (Display Name)


    Can someone tell me if there is a way to set a display name on the DefaultSenderAddress?

    Config Parameters: QER\Attestation\DefaultSenderAddress

    I tried using just powershell to send and it works.

    Send-MailMessage -smtpServer "" -to…

  • Manually assigning an Azure AD group to an Employee


    I would like to assign members to a busness role and a Azure group to the same role, but nothing happens. When I try to do that manually I get the following error message:

    [810306] Error during execution of 'OnSaving' in logic module 'AAD.Customizer…

  • Differencies between One Identity Manager DB schema V6 and V8.

    Dear One Identity community,
    I'd like to know the differencies between One Identity Manager DB schema V6 and V8.
    Currently a reporting tool is directly connected the the V6 and I would like to know what's the gap to prepare the new requests. (No we…

  • Powershell Connector ListingCommand

    Is there any way to import objects using the Powershell connector with just the ListingCommand and not the full CommandSequence? The API I am connecting to have one command to list all data from all users and one command to list all data from a specific…

  • How to disable the read-only attribute from a field?

    Hi everyone!

    I try to migrate our code from version 7 to the new version 8 and I´m stopped with a Read-Only issue,

    Some products have defined questions catalog which must be answered by the user. These answers are save into a custom table (all…

  • Unexpected Sync Results in Identity Manager 8.1

    I am trying to figure out why this is not working as expected. The scenario is pretty simple, I have a SQL database with a table with only two columns that combined make the primary key. This table is simply a person id and group id. I am having OneIM…

  • Prohibit Modification for some selected users

    Hello, I have a need to prohibit modification to a field for certain users only.

    I tried to select multiple and open on new tab and prohibit there. I get and error.

    I also tried to do it in Object Browser but cannot find a way. Is there a programmatic…

  • Center email content in a cell

    Hello, I have my email notice for some templates in a cell I want this to be centered in the email.

    Can anyone tell me how i can do this in the email template.

    When i create the cell with the content the cell shows aligned left in the email.

    Thank you…

  • Business Role and assigned Active Directory Group


    Can anyone tell me if I can see in any logs when a Group was removed from a business role?

    We had some issues and I see somethings missing for business roles.

    OrgHasUNSGroup table shows them is there somewhere i can see when it was removed and who…

  • Calculate number of approvers for custom decision step


    OneIM 8.1 

    IT Shop.

    I created custom decision step in custom workflow with custom approval procedure.

    Approval procedure can return some approvers. 

    I need that all approvers from the custom approval procedure will make decision.

    How can I calculate…

  • Native data base connector of Oracle DB

    Hi everybody, in the Connection editor wizard, in the "Extend key information" step I'm being presented with all the columns from the schemas in order to choose a unique identifying key.

    However I noticed that, from each schema, I'm missing…

  • How to assign an IBM Notes group to an Access Control List for a MainInDB?

    Hi Community,

    I'm customizing an One Idemtity Manager 8.1.1 installation for a customer who uses IBM Notes.

    One requirement is that dedicated users should be allowed to order MailIn databases for their purposes. So I created a job chain (besides…

  • Is there any way to undo Marked for Deletion

    in the ADSAccountTable?

  • Safeguard to manage Identity Manager accounts

    We want to use Safeguard to manage One Identity Manager's system user accounts.

    What is the best way to acomplish that?

  • Regarding dynamic roles provisioning and deprovision control

    Hello All,

    I am using a dynamic role in order to provision users based on a particular attribute value, however, if a user no longer has this value, I do not want the dynamic role to trigger a deprovision, the user and lose the account definition.   Is…

  • Error Numbers list?

    Hi there,

    I need your help. 

    Is there a document or Link, in which I can see all error numbers of one Identity Manager and description ?

    such as:   [810017] Wrong user name or password.

    Or can you show me some commen error numbers and their descriptions…

  • is there a way to cleanup .ldf file for one identity manger

    Identity manager DB's .ldf file is huge in my environment - is there a way to purge it and schedule the purging?

  • White pages view for external employees


    Can anyone tell me why an external employee is unable to view terminated people in the white pages?

    I have a need for some non-employees to view details on a terminated employee.

    This is due to our Help Desk having some external employees and need…