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  • Report Editor "Multiple object history" resolve foreign keys

    Hello everyone,

    I have a question regarding Report Editor Multiple object history.

    I have created query "Person" as "Object" and "PersonHistory" as "Multiple object history".

    Is there a way to resolve foreign …

  • Step by step execution of DBQueue tasks

    Hi Team,

    I'm trying to troubleshoot why an Attestation Approval Procedure is failing to determine an Approver. We can run the Query using Object Browser and return the expected Approvers. But when the Attestation run, the approvers aren't being determined…

  • Doubt regarding outstanding ADSaccount objects

    Hi Fellow Experts,

    Hope everyone is doing well.

    A quick question, I'll be apply a scope filter to only sync 1 OU (at target system side) in synchronization project which will make 95% of the objects Outstanding.

    Now, will deleting the Outstanding…

  • Upgrade One Identity Manger 8.1.1 to 8.1.5 - Error for Module "QBM"

    Hi all, 

    I am trying to upgrade OneIdentity Manager from 8.1.1 to 8.1.5. However, when updating the schema with ConfigWizard I get the following error message:

    [1782004] Bei der Generierung der Migrationsschritte für Modul 'QBM' ist ein Fehler aufgetreten…

  • BULK UPDATE in One Identity of multi valued attribute

    Hi all, Seeking for help! Is there a way to BULK Update a multi valued attribute? For example, there is an additional email addresses attribute in OIM. I want to update them with 1 or more value. And for 100 users. Tried using SQL but it does not work…

  • Where does webdesigner/web portal gets the Field displaynames from?

    For some fields e.g UID_PersonOrdered, displaypersonordered, webdesigner/ITshop shows it as "Delegate" but the displayname in PersonWantsOrg or Shoppingcartitem is "Recipient".

    I'm trying to find where is it picking these names/titles…

  • Remember previous value of the field

    Hello, is it possible to remember the previous value of the field for example UID_Department in Person table without using time trace database? 

    OIM 8.1.3

  • One Identity Manager named an Overall Leader in IGA

    The KuppingerCole Leadership Compass 2021 Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) gives an overview and insights into the IGA market, providing you a compass to help you find the products that can meet the criteria necessary for successful IGA deployments…

  • Web portal report parameter


    Can someone tell if and how configure the report created in web portal to pass a parameter i created?

    Or point me to the document where it can provide some information. I looked and searched and cannot find this. Thank you, Lu

  • Certificate error from web portal after application server certificate change


    We are getting certification validation error on web portal searches after renewing the application server certificate. Below is the error on web server logs:

    At the time of the exception, the container was:
      Resolving VI.WebRuntime.Data.SearchHelper…
  • Delete PersonInOrg Object (all Direct assignments) via Script ?


    I am using Version 8.1 and trying to delete the assignments from PersonInOrg table via a Script.

    I have written below script to test the method calls.

    Already tried

    • Running from designer (test script option).
    • Also, tried putting script in a process…
  • Active Directory schema update doesnt show new attribute

    After creating synch project with AD, there was added new attribute (in AD).

    Schema update in synch editor doesnt help to see this attribute

    If I create new synch project with AD this attribute is present.

    Any way to update schema in created synch project…

  • Change password at next login - GapUser

    Hello everyone! 

    Can you please tell me why when there are some updates in the employee's card that we receive from 1C for him,
    he is automatically ticked to change the password for his Google account?
    I found the following script in the GapUser table…
  • Synchronization Editor: Test connection failure after import sync project


    1IM 8.1 (2019-01-21-108).

    I have imported Native Database sync project to PostgreSQL database (via .projshell file)

    When I click Test button (In Target System) for check connection to the PostgreSQL database see error: "Data source name not found…

  • Unix Connector by certificate

    Hi, is it possible to create synchronization project with unix system by using user certificate instead of password?

  • Implementation of an Emergency Leaver functionality


    does anybody has experience and rubust approach for the implementation of an Emergency Leaver functionality? As far as I could find out, there is no OOTB function available.

    Before creating custom attributes and processes etc. maybe someone has an…

  • Employee Manager Role for only Active Employees

    Hello Experts,

    I have been trying to figure out a way to assign the Employee Manager role in OneIM to only those who have active persons listed as their direct report.  Currently if a person has an inactive employee listed it still assigns the employee…

  • Create ADSContainer from Departments automatically

    Is it possible to create missing ADSContainers from Departments structure automatically?

  • Docker job server SAPR3

    Hello, can docker job service sync with SAP r3 system?

    Server role and function(SAP) are added in designer and docker job server restarted

    Now its an error :

    Error connecting system (SAP R/3 Connector)!
    [System.TypeLoadException] Could not load type of…

  • How to set custom distinguishedname in ADSAccount table

    Value of field distingushedname in designer is locked from change in ADSAccount table

    Now AD accounts created by Account definition and looks like  :  CN=John Doe,OU=OUname,DC=domain,DC=com

    I need add departments containers to the distinguishedname : CN=John…

  • Attribute modification approval


    Is there any option to start an approval process for an attribute modification? We want to trigger it when a manager wants to modify the exit date of a person in the web portal.




  • Report for historical assignments and table UNSAccountInUNSGroup

    The standard report VI_Person_Overview_With_History show amongst other things historical assignments of UNSAccounts ang UNSGroups, with name of UNSGroup and assigned from and assigned until time, using CreationTime and DeletionTime. I would also like…

  • List of Users for UNSGroup (AD Domain Admins) and Report

    Hello - We're trying to find an OOB report or potentially create one that simply reports and lists all the current members of a specific UNSGroup.  To start, we're looking at our AD Domain Admins group and want to be able to create a PDF report to…

  • Frozen jobs: "Created by QBMDBQueueProcess: call method Replace for object type personwantsorg"


    We get, from time-to-time frozen jobs, that I cannot find out the reason for why.

    Is there anyone here, that knows what this means and pherhaps why?

    Here are some examples from the log file from today (I have removed the product and person name):

  • Assign account definitions in bulk


    I have an account definition that is not used for all and assigned only when needed. When we get the request for the assignments it may come in bulks. Does anyone know of a way to assign them in bulk through manager? I cannot see a way and don…