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  • Pending attestations mit delegation

    Hello to all, 

    i hope you can help to undetstand how this works.

    I (person A) delegate the role "Manger of person" from Person X to another person B.

    After this, an attestation process runs and both persons (A and B) gets the pending attestations…

  • SCIM - Updating a multi-value

    Hi all

    In a target system SCIM, there is a multi-value attribute for phoineNumbers. One is of type work, and the other is mobile.

    Does anyone have any idea on how to make that work with updating both attributes with the correct numbers corresponding…

  • How can i add custom column to Password policies?

    Hello All,

    How do we add my custom password column to Password policies?

    My Requirement is to add my custom password column to password policies and password should be max 4 digits and password history of 5.

    I have created new Password policy only password…

  • Workato integration with OneIM 8.x?


    We are in the process of implementing OneIM 8.x into our environment primarily for IGA, JML management, etc. and was wondering if anyone knew and/or has tried an integration with Workato before? Use case for Workato is to essentially connect different…

  • Disaster recovery for One Identity manager Product


    Please help me to find out how to set the Disaster recovery for One Identity manager Product. I couldn't able to get the information in the One IM documentation.

    Any help would be appreciated.



  • White Page - Address Book - central search field index not working with the newly added extension field.

    White Page - Address Book - central search field index not working with newly added extension field.


    I try to add custom field - in the Designer - Person Table - Schema Editor - CustomeProperty01 Field - on the Column Tab - Index weighting set to - 1…

  • Private DNS behind Palo Alto is not resolving Name Servers

    We are using private DNS zones for our internal sites. We are connected to the cloud by site to site vpn on palo alto and until recently our private domains have stopped resolving and name servers are not finding their way. Using dig command I am able…

  • Web Portal validUntil Extension


    We are using version 8.1 where we have a requirement to enable user to extend the valid until period via web portal. Is it possible to develop/configure something where recipient/requester can go to request history and change the valid until time…

  • Client certificate-based authentication from 1IM to web-service

    We have an existing integration with a target system via a web-service API. For that, 1IM performs calls to the web service API from a custom script (in DialogScript table) which user auto-generated proxy-code script (in DialogWebService table). These…

  • OneIM upgrade from 8.1.1 to 8.1.4

    We are using version 8.1.1 currently and migrating to 8.1.4,
    We are going with that were going through documentation, in database permissions section, it is written -
    "If you want to switch to granular permissions when you update from 8.1.x to version…

  • Uninstall Defender Desktop Login 5.9.1 programmatically

    Hello all,

    First time poster.  Need your assistance.  We have a large environment and we use SCCM to manage all machines.  I need to uninstall version 5.9.1 from all machines and I am having a hard time doing that using script or programmatically.  I tried…

  • REST-API with ADS user account as Authentication Module --> 401 Unauthorized


    we use the One Identity Manager version 8.0.5.

    We have a first use case that involves using the REST API. In our development and test environment, the REST calls work using the system user as authentication method.
    In production, however, the ADS…

  • Process Information retention and TimeTrace


    I'm having some issues with my history db and need to get my main db down for upgrade to newest version. I plan to create a new history db and the old one will still be available for time trace.

    I need to determine what i need to set for keeping…

  • Update multiple records through custom script

    Hi all,

    I want to write code to update fullsyncdate attribute of UNSAccountB table for 1000 accounts at a time, something similar as below

    Update UNSAccountB set FullSyncDate=DateTime.Now where cn in ('x','y'.....)

    But am not getting any…

  • Run PowerShell Script


    i want to run powershell script after AD user account creation. i have added the component powershell script but dont know how to execute the script from there and pass parameter like -identity.

    Can anyone help me here?



  • WebPortal: Employee which can be edited by the current employee


    I have the following setup to only allow users to edit employees that are IsExternal=1. Here is my SQL on it...

    "uid_person in ( select uid_person from QER_VEditEmployee where uid_personhead = '%useruid%')
    and ((IsExternal = 1) or …

  • After upgrading OneIM version from 7.1.6 to 8.1.2, the csv data import failed

    After upgrading OneIM version from 7.1.6 to 8.1.2, the Data Import always fail with error "Error during execution of 'OnSaved' in logic module 'VI.DB.EntityScriptLogic'.". The detail information is "There is no server that can fulfill server mask and/or…

  • Synchronization project connecting CSM and UCI to use the UCI_Web portal for manual provisioning

    Hi There,

    We like to keep track of a cloud application in Identity Manager. As described in the documentation we like to use the "manual provisioning" option of the CSM module and UCI_Web portal.

    All installed so far, but now I am missing the…

  • List of Roles/Group Memberships removed and List of Roles/Group Memberships added for a single person.

    Hello All,

    Used Case scenario is like the following:

    Departments are having ADgroups, SAPRoles etc. assigned as birthrights. Now as part of Department move Employee moves from One department to another. As a result of the move some new groups/roles will…

  • Job servers keep in "Update Running" state, and software version keep in "-1"

    Hi experts,

    I'm evaluating the approach of upgrading server from 7.1.6 to v8.

    I deployed new servers with newer OS and SQL version, and restore the original DB to the new server, updated job server list and sync server reference in sync editor, reinstalled…

  • Dynamic Roles - Condition is greyed out


    For a specific Dynamic Role I can't edit it's condition because both Wizard and SQL condition are greyed out.

    Do you know how to make the condition editable?

    So far, the only difference I've noticed between randomly chosen dynamic roles is…

  • Unable to create new employee


    I hope someone can help. I plan to log a ticket tomorrow if I get no response tonight.

    I'm unable to create new employees in Manager or Data import process. I get no error and manager or data importer just locks. I can create new business roles…

  • What must be done to obtain a unique schema property?

    In a sync project for data exchange with an application based on an MSSQL database, we use the sync project for MSSQL databases.
    The mapping is set up so that the desired data can be determined and transferred. However, when we run the first simulation…

  • Source Control (git) for Identity Manager

    Hi All,

    Wondering if anyone has come up with a means of getting away from zip file transports and into storing text-based configs in source control such as git. 

    The options I see are:

    Use transports for extraction

    1. Developers use the standard OneIM tools…
  • Employee's manager with no editing rights in the web shop

    Hello everyone,

    in the web portal, by default, each employee's manager can add, edit and assign a new manager to an employee.

    Is it possible  for manager only view their employees while only some specific employees can add, edit (all) employees and…