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  • active directory group membership sync base on xOrigin


    Can anyone please help me out of the below requirement. 

    During the active directory group sync, I want to delete all the direct (Xorigin = 1) membership from 1IM if memberships are not present in AD however if memberships are indirect (xOrigin> 1)…

  • One Identity Named a Leader in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Identity Governance and Administration

    • Recognized for its completeness of vision and ability to execute

    ALISO VIEJO, Calif. – OCTOBER 14, 2019 One Identity, a proven leader in identity management, today announced that it has for the second consecutive year been named a Leader…

  • Active Directory Authentication not working


    We are trying to setup AD authentication following the guide:

    But, we don't want to disable the anonymous Authentication.

    And It is…

  • Ad sync project scope/filter.


    i am trying to resolve an issue and i am wondering if some one have implemented anything like this before. 

    Requirement: add a new OU to IDM scope which had different user accounts and groups and only import specific accounts which match a condition…

  • Web Designer: Employees for whom a request can be placed

    i'm trying to customize the web portal in a way tha allows different groups of users to place requests on behalf of defined users. The SQL is getting a bit advanced and i'm trying to figure out how to do what I want. In the code below i'm using case-when…

  • Using variables in SoD checkin

    Imagine a scenario where you have AD controlling access to hundreds (this is the key word here) of applications meaning that a single AD group actually represents an entitlement in a specific application.

    Let's say that my current rules are  doing checks…

  • Create, download and save file from Web Portal

    Hi all

    My client wants me to add a button in the Web Portal to allow him to create a plain .txt report with certain data.

    Currently I’m trying to use a “Data Action” -> “Save File” control, that seems to me to be the right choice.…

  • Error generating process step Call Script VI_UnsAccount_Ident_UNSRoot_Event


    I wrote script for add user to Oracle Database. 

    I created process (Insert Event to UNSAccountB table) for create the user. 

    When I create user in Manager, I got error: 

    Got exception during generation of chain 'VI_UnsAccountB_Generic': Error generating…

  • IT Shop still showing "InActive" employees.

    Hello All,

    We are having a little issue with InActive employees still showing on Web portal for managers in their direct reports.  I have the parameter set  for "QER\ITShop\AutoCloseInactivePerson"... Is there anything else that i need to do to remove those…

  • Recommendations please...

    Hi everyone,

    Looking for good tutorials / documentation on provisioning / approvals. Training is on the horizon, but I need something to get me through the short term.



  • AD Sync based on group membership assignment

    Hi Experts

    I am trying to achieve some sync task however not sure what is the best solution. the task is - 

    If any group membership missing in AD however the membership present in IAM, during the sync the action should be 

    • If the membership in Identity…
  • Installing the Job service to a local server

    Hi there,

    I'm trying to get my job server installed as a service on my 1IM server. (Windows 2016)

    As this is a LAB environment, the service account and installation account are both Administrator. The Installation folder is the local folder with my…

  • Report Editor - Table Report Header Row


    I created a table report at one time and got a header row to only print on first page.

    You can define it in the properties of the cell to only print on first page.

    I'm now trying to create a new report with a table and cannot do the same for new…

  • Completed requests either do not show or show in Canceled Requests....

    Hello All,

    when a person requests something on IT Shop, if the request was approved and completed it doesn't show in Approved request under request history for that person... There are times it won't show those requests at all or they will end up in…

  • VI_ESS_PWOHelperPWO Send mail new task for approver Failing

    Hello All,

    i have a few jobs under VI_ESS_PWOHelperPWO Send mail new task for approver that are failing to send the email notification.  Below is the error i am getting.

    ErrorMessages = (2019-08-21 14:59:05.247) [810271] Column UID_PersonOrdered does not…

  • DId Identity Manager support Databse encyption by using third party software(volmetric) and managing key with DSM.

    We are trying to maintain the private key using encryption key Management system and we want to know  that is supported by one Identity Manager

  • [810312] Only module dependent UIDs are permitted for table DialogTaggedItem Transport file error


    I am trying to import WebDesigner related change via a change Lable based transport from One Environment to another and facing mention error = ([810312] Only module dependent UIDs are permitted for table DialogTaggedItem.)

    Please guide me about ways…

  • Date range in Report Editor


    Can someone tell me how I can get a date range parameter setup in Report Editor?

    I need to get a report to only run against anything that has changed throughout the day.

    Date range would be Today's changes only.

    Thank you,


  • Assign to New Manager


    After migrating to v8.1 the Assign to New Manager button is now getting error.

    "You do not have permission to assign new manager,"

    Can someone tell me where I can change the permission to this form?

    I looked in User Interface but not…

  • Unable to configure new Group in IT Shop - OOB Request

    Hello Experts,

    we have run in to a little bit of a snag.  When users are requesting a new AD Group on IT Shop they are picking the OOB option "Create New Group".  When their manager receives the request, they cannot approve it... they can either…

  • Synchronization... Two questions

    1. Is there a way to synchronize select individuals from AD? 

    2. We are migrating from 6.4 to 8 and currently use Quickconnect to sync passwords to a non ad connected system. Can we continue to count on that ability using the agents? Or is there another…

  • Overview not showing ADSAccount in v8.1 web portal


    I just upgraded to 8.1 and now the ADSAccount is not showing in the Overview on the web portal.

    In version 7.x when going to the Person you can check the overview and the ADSAccount was there now it is gone.

    Can anyone tell me how to activate the…

  • Synchronisation editor dynamic master


    I have a question regarding best practice when using the sync editor in our environment.

    Basically we have an out-the-box sync project for handling synchronisation between 1IM and AD. Up to now AD has been the master, but we are moving towards 1IM…

  • Default Icon colors


    Has anyone changed some of the default icon colors in web designer?

    I was able to change the scheme but the icons are still blue i would like to change them to match my scheme.

    Icons such the information icon, back button, and filter buttons.

  • One Identity 8.1 Template Triggers - API

    Currently, when the Person record is updated, such as a name change, the system is not automatically updating referenced objects such as ADSAccount without manually going into object browser and clicking "execute template" when a property is changed…