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  • BULK UPDATE in One Identity of multi valued attribute

    Hi all, Seeking for help! Is there a way to BULK Update a multi valued attribute? For example, there is an additional email addresses attribute in OIM. I want to update them with 1 or more value. And for 100 users. Tried using SQL but it does not work…

  • How to set custom distinguishedname in ADSAccount table

    Value of field distingushedname in designer is locked from change in ADSAccount table

    Now AD accounts created by Account definition and looks like  :  CN=John Doe,OU=OUname,DC=domain,DC=com

    I need add departments containers to the distinguishedname : CN=John…

  • Protect from accidental deletion


    Can anyone tell me how I can mark ADSAccount protect from accidental deletion?

    I see this is setup on containers but unable to decipher how this is setup and cannot duplicate it for ADSAccount.

    I know how to extend the schema in ADSAccount and…

  • Could not create a single object for table ADSAccount?

    Hi All,

    I have few process that run on ADSAccount table and whenever that gets run for creating a record in Active directory this process in job queue is being frozen and not successfully executed and the error it throws in "Could not create a single…

  • How to get old value in Template

    Hi Experts 

    I have a template in ADSAccount, where I need to take decision  based on one of the attribute $ExtensionAttribute1$. The value of this property comes from person.

    If property represent the type, If type changes I need to put some logic. 

    If …

  • Could not create account in Active Directory complaining on password policy

    Hi Experts 

    I am getting a password policy violation error while adding ADSAccount to the target.

    Please find the error below - 

    ErrorMessages () [1777018] Error executing synchronization project (Active Directory Domain )'s workflow (Provisioning).…

  • ADS_ADSGroup_Update Failing on some of the groups in one particular domain with Error.

    We are getting jobs frozen when updating ADS Groups in One of the domain.  We have 3 domains in OneIM... two of them have no issues provisioning any changes.  One domain is having issues on ADS_ADSGroup_Update and sometimes on ADS_ADSGroup_Insert.  below…

  • While Adding AD group at target for an user,it is being automatically removed by One IDM .

    We have situation like ,we have an user in Dell One Idm and which was came to Dell One Idm through  "Synchronization" .Then we have added some AD group to that user from Target  System directly. But It is getting removed by Dell One idm service…

  • In object changed History of ADSAccount ,what is the difference changed by "sa" and changed by "synchronization"

    while i taking the a user ADSAccount history ,i could  see that there are two option for " changed by ".I could see two option like "sa" and "Synchronization".What is actually  meant by this.

    If any object modified "S…

  • Internal error in COM access layer: number: 8007202F, description: A constraint violation occurred.

    while AD synchronization we are getting below error like "

    2134002] Error executing an adhoc projection!
    [1777018] Error executing workflow (Provisioning) of synchronization project

    Error executing projection step (user) of projection configuration…

  • Remove duplicate ADSAccount objects



    We have lots of duplicate ADSAccount objects with same Object guid, sid and canonicalname (our primary keys) and XMarkedForDeletion=0. The thing is that if I delete and object ADS sync project try to remove that Account from AD as groups.


    We've disable…

  • Script Insert


    I have created a script which will use webservice and creates a request in CA service Desk.

    I want to run this script on certian condition is true (Job title = Manager) after creates the AD account. So I want to include the script in ADSAccount_insert…

  • Weekly Scheduled Report for ADSAccount Disabled by Identity Manager

    I've been looking at report editor, and while I'm familiar with building reports, I can't seem to figure out how I build a report based on changes (account disabled) that occurred during a specific date range.


    • A report that includes…
  • ADSAccount.CN Template issue

    Hey Folks,

    I am having a weird issue with template updates on ADSaccount CN created as part of an account definition.

    Breakdown is as follows:

    • Account Definition SO is created.
    • Manage level SO FM is created.
    • Account Definition is assigned to Business…
  • Active Directory user accounts: Write permission denied for value "Employee" while changing UID_Person value in ADSAccount.


    I've been trying to update UID_Person value in ADSAccount table in my script.

    '... something fancy
    Dim ADSAccount As ISingleDbObject = Connection.CreateSingle("ADSAccount", UID_ADSAccount)
    ADSAccount.PutValue("UID_Person", UID_SubIdentity…