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  • Create user in correct OU

    The following script was working fine untill I upgraded to v5. Did anything change in v5 that would prevent this script from working? For example, does this script need to be reqwitten in PowerShell?

    I am using this script in an update job, under the …

  • VB to Powershell help

    We used to have a script that would run post create that would send out a email to notify certian people that a new users had been created.  we had a detailed VB script that did this, however since the upgrade to QC 5.0 this no longer is the case,  support…

  • Ad account expiration date


    I have a case where HR database has the expiration date as What would be the best way to convert this to AD expiration date format? I've created a virtual attribute that the current date is provisioned, but the format conversion is what…

  • AD Forest Sync

    Hey everybody,

    I try to set up an AD Forest Sync to Sync our Production and Test environment AD.

    I have created two different Workflows with Connections and Mapping Pairs.

    The Update Workflow is working without any problems.

    But the Provisioning Workflow…

  • Provision from HR Database to ActiveRoles & Intranet DB


    Hoping some people with more experience with Quest Quick Connect can provide advice on the following issue:

    I have a HR SQL database which I am provisioning users from on a daily basis to ActiveRoles Server, this is working great.

    What I now need to…

  • How to retrieve ProvisionedObj in the last workflow run from QC shell?


    i'm provisioning user object from AD to RACF. As the title said, i need help with QCCommands to obtain the list of user object provisioned in the last workflow run. I tried with the command:

    Get-QCSyncHistorySummaryRun -WorkflowName "RACF" |…

  • Password sync to Office365 during initial provisioning


    Potential customer is interested in QC for cloud and they are asking about provisioning current user password to O365 during initial user account provisioning. Is it supported and if it is how it's setup properly?

    Best Regards


  • Group Sync Failing


    We have two domains within seperate forests (let's call them source and target). I've setup a syncronisation step to copy a group from the source domain, with the provisioning settings look for groups where the mail attribute is present. The target…