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  • AD Forest Sync

    Hey everybody,

    I try to set up an AD Forest Sync to Sync our Production and Test environment AD.

    I have created two different Workflows with Connections and Mapping Pairs.

    The Update Workflow is working without any problems.

    But the Provisioning Workflow…

  • Password sync to Office365 during initial provisioning


    Potential customer is interested in QC for cloud and they are asking about provisioning current user password to O365 during initial user account provisioning. Is it supported and if it is how it's setup properly?

    Best Regards


  • Group Sync Failing


    We have two domains within seperate forests (let's call them source and target). I've setup a syncronisation step to copy a group from the source domain, with the provisioning settings look for groups where the mail attribute is present. The target…