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  • No Account Left Behind: Cleaning up users accounts and reducing risk

    Please join Randy Franklin Smith from the Monterey Technology Group and George Cerbone, Principal Solutions Architect, for a webcast.


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    So many risks can be reduced by cleaning up user accounts and keeping them that way. Just think if, for…

  • Flexibility is a key to success in Identity and Access Management (IAM)


    IAM (Identity & Access Management) is a central discipline of Information Security. But it rarely starts on a green field – commonly there are already some IAM components in place such as directories, Single Sign-On etc. There might also be e. g…

  • DASA, one of the largest laboratories in the world, secures identity and access processes

    Diagnostic medicine can be defined as the bridge that connects the research and development of diagnostic tests to their application in medical practice. DASA is the largest provider of diagnostic medical services in Latin America, and the fourth largest…

  • Gartner Analyst Covers All Things Security, Risk and Governance

    Determining the true reach of a security incident can be daunting. A breach can cost your organization money, customers and most importantly, trust. Organizations must provide more access to more people from more places to more things—everyday. Organizations…

  • The Forrester Wave™: Identity Management And Governance, Q2 2016 One Identity Manager positioned as a Leader

    See why One Identity Manager is positioned as a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Identity Management and Governance (IMG), Q2 2016.

    The independent research firm uses a 17-criteria evaluation of identity management and governance providers to identify…

  • Analyst KuppingerCole Executive View on One Identity Manager v7

    Traditional perimeter-based security, while still needed, is getting less important. Previously adequate strategies for implementing tools and processes for achieving governance and for providing evidence for compliance need to be adapted and extended…

  • Getting error "Error loading Authentication module ComponentAuthenticator" in AD provisioning as well as synchronization


    I am getting mentioned error when I run synchronization and provisioning for AD. It used to work till now and all of a sudden I got this error. What might have caused this issue to occur? Please suggest how this can be resolved.

  • Need help in configuring a sample application

    Hi all,

    I'm very new to identity manager, can anyone help me how to start with a sample application for creating sync projects, imports data, join accounts, provision and de provision of user accounts, Configure Entitlements and Publish Entitlements…

  • 1IM V7.1 Synchronisation Projects - One to Many Relationships

    I'm in the process of creating a connector to an application that has a specific use case; and wanted to see if anybody else has done anything similar.

    The application in question uses a simple SQL database that doesn’t have any primary keys set as…

  • Change in columns in a mapping

    Hi All


    We have a custom table to provision to an specific database. We've implemented a custom proccess to provision that database. We have 2 problems

    If one colum changes the process only updates the change in that column and ignore others. To not…

  • How to re-trigger provisioning of AD groups including all members



    we have some inconsistency issues regarding AD group memberships, where we would like to simply re-provision individial ADSGroups in 7.1.1.

    However, we couldn't find a way to achieve this. For oustanding groups (missing in target system) there is…

  • How do i set null values into an Integer column in the native database connector

    Hi All,

    Version: 7.1.1

    I am using the Native Database connector for DB2 and am trying to synchronise a NULL value into an Integer column in a DB2 database. 

    Any ideas on how to do this?

    Everything I've tried has resulted in the connector attempting to set…

  • Check for unique EmployeeID on user provisioning

    Hi all,


    Hopefully the community can share some insight here. I have been asked to try and put a check into the user provisioning process that ensures that the provided 'EmployeeID' field is unique within the domain. Users are provisioned using the 'New…

  • How to provision/de-provision user in SQL Server using Active Roles Synch Services

    Hi Forum,

    I am trying to build a sync workflow from a source AD domain to a SQL Server, using Active Roles Synchronization Service (7.0.3). 

    I am able to synch user from one source domain to a destination domain.  I found lots of resources on that.  However…

  • RE: automated provisioning

    Based on some other assistance it looks like the best way to accomplish this is using a dynamic role assigned to all active employees and has a required resource of an Active Directory and Exchange account.  I'll test this out and post more information…

  • RE: The object has pending M:N provisioning tasks


    your LDAP is configured to do single ad-hoc membership changes for the provisioning tasks. So for any membership change an entry will be recorded in DPRMembershipAction. These entries will be used by the ad-hoc provisioning steps in addition to the…

  • Error in Event log while Collector is running

    Hi Everyone,

    I have a collector job that runs against AD on a nightly basis to pull AD related info.  This job only pulls AD stuff and ignores policy compliance and EDM logs.

    When running the collector I get lots of errors generated in the event log for…

  • How to run a script on "OnModify" without triggering another "OnModify"?

    I have a small script that looks up values populated into certain virtual attributes that are populated by Quick Connect, and associate them to the user object based on the value assigned to one of the user attributes during the provisioning process.…

  • How to change primary group on user creation (with VBS)?

    Does anyone have the ability to convert this PS script to vbs? Thanks.

    # *****************************************************************************

  • Account Creation through ADUC

    I have a few stubborn IT guys here who don't want to change their workflow and INSIST on using ADUC to provision new User Accounts.  Is there a way I can get ARS to run the provisioning rules "real-time" as they start to create a new user through the…

  • New User Notification

    We are using a SQL database to provision users through Quick Connect.  In ARS, I have a provisioning workflow that will send an email to the new users manager with the new users account information including their initial password.  This works as expected…

  • Home Folder provisioning permissions issue

    I'm provisioning accounts for new users using ARS 6.9, and one of the steps is to create the home folder.  No problem.  It gets created without any issues.  We want it to inherit the parent folder permissions, and also Grant Full Access to the user on…

  • Quick connect for Notes on 5.0


    I upgraded the Quick Connect to 5.0 and now I can't install the installation package on it. Is there a way to do it for now? When is the new version coming onto Notes?



  • Cannot creat a contact object in Office 365 - cmdlet problem in quick connect

    Hi Folk,

    I am using the Office 365 connector and I am trying to create a contact in O365 but I keep getting the error below.  I have even install the Exchange 2010 Management Shell on my system as the Powershell cmdlet noted below  is only found there.  I…

  • Create user in correct OU

    The following script was working fine untill I upgraded to v5. Did anything change in v5 that would prevent this script from working? For example, does this script need to be reqwitten in PowerShell?

    I am using this script in an update job, under the …