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  • Designer - Fast way to publish web project changes?

    Hello, i'm wondering - is there any solid way to publish my web project changes to web applications without concerns of them not to be published right away?

    How i'm doing it now:

    1. Do some changes, place some visible label with increased version…

  • How to hide menu Open filter wizard from View settings in grid band

    Hello All.

    Is it possible to remove "Open filter Wizard" option from view settings. If yes then could you please let me know how.

    Thank you.

    Kind Regards,


  • Data not loading in collection.

    Hello All,

    I am facing situation where data in collection is not loading.

    Logged in user has application role CCC_TargetsystemReadOnly which has all requied permissions on table.

    I have collection and this collection is bound to grid and data is loded…

  • Hide button

    How to hide the button "Calls" of Web Portal page?

  • why a user can connect to the web only after iisreset?

    The user couldn't connect to the web and get always the exception:

    "Beim Ausführen der Formularmethode F0_ctl00_Main_Main_ControlRef1_Button1_Method ist ein Fehler aufgetreten. Object reference not set to an instance of an object" 

  • How to export a web portal from one environment to another

    We have configured the web portal with all the customizations and we need to take it to another environment, what step must be taken to make this change?

  • 1IM 8.1.2: More than 8000 Localities in one layer: Object Selection failing

    We've got a huge, but plain list of Localities (no hierarchy). It contains way more than 10.000 entries. 

    We've come accross the issue that in the Web, the standard component VI_ObjectCollection_Hierarchical is used to select a Locality. But that…

  • 1IM 8.1.2: Column-Dependent configuration for Limited Value fields not working?

    We have just migrated to V8.1.2 (from V7) and I now have to add a new functionality to the WebUI that requires the usage of a custom web component to edit a custom field in Person which uses a list of limited values.

    For some reason, no matter what I enter…

  • Customized page error after upgrade from 7.1.6 to 8.1.3


    Our OneIM on UAT environment just got upgraded from 7.1.6 to 8.1.3 with database upgraded via configuration wizard.

    Everything was fine except 3 customized web pages.

    The app server as well as web portal has been uninstalled and then re-installed…

  • Web Designer. Upload file and change name with same extension


    1IM 8.1

    On my form I created Upload file node. 

    I need only change name file but save file extension. 

    How I can get the file extension of uploaded file? 

  • Web Designer. VI_Common_PropertyEditor. Show Caption for Property


    1IM 8.1 SP2 In web Designer in ComponentInterface I added Property to Table ShoppingCartItem.

    I try use compoonent VI_Common_PropertyEditor for show properties ShoppingCartItem but for my added properties not showing Caption.

    How I can show captions…

  • Conditional Grid Sorting in Web Designer

    Hi all

    I’m wondering if there is a way to insert conditional sorting criteria into the field “Sorting” of a Grid object in the Web Designer.

    Let’s say I have a collection COLL whit some columns: column1, column2, column3.


  • Web Designer: Textbox / Empty Field Text

    The blank text (empty field text) is always displayed in the browser in the standard font color. How can the font color only of the empty field text be changed?
    The use of the layout definition "VI_Styles_Textbox_Search" or the definition of a customer…

  • Display delegated manager in WebPortal


    I'm trying to customize the Person-overview page (VI_Common_ObjectSheet) in the webportal to show the manager currently responsible for the displayed user. I get the desired manager with the following SQL, but I don't know how to get this to work…

  • Customize the view of child service categories in web shop


    Is there a possibility to customize the sub service categories into boxes in the web shop instead of clicking on change service category to display the tree.

    I would like them to show as boxes within the parent box.

    Thank you

  • Web Designer viewing changes


    I recently had a co-worker change some condition on employees in Configure Project.

    My co-worker can see the changes altough I cannot. I closed and reopened and made sure he pubisled the changes to all.

    Anyone had this issue or know how I can see…

  • Web page session time out warning popup, with option to extend the session


    Is there any OTB feature in One IDM for session time out option on web UI, also on the same pop-up to extend/reactive the session with out loosing the data.

    Any leads how this can be achieved.


  • Webdesigner edit table


    OneIM 8.1

    I created a module. 

    In the module I put grid in container. 

    Data to grid load from collection (Person table for example).

    I need create and edit (First name and Last name) Employee in Person from the module.

    I can only edit fields from…

  • Web Designer - schedule an activation time to change object properties over the UI

    Hi everyone,

    I've been looking through the documentations and the community for an answer to this question of mine... but I can't seem to find anything...

    Basically I would like to know if it's possible to make scheduled changes to an object…

  • Web Portal: Is there a way to execute backend functions or scripts?

    Hello people,

    I was wondering if there is a way to execute backend functions from the Web Portal.

    For Example: let's say I have a function in backend called "CCC_MyFunction" which accepts some parameters and returns some string. Is there a way to retrieve…

  • IT Shop Requests and Delegation for Managers that are either OOO or on leave

    Hello All,

    I have a couple of questions i was hoping to get some ideas/recommendations on.  We are using OneIM 8.0.1.  I am part of the IT Shop Administrator also a member of the Chief Approval Team.  What i am trying to solve for now is if we have a manager…

  • Web Designer: Employees for whom a request can be placed

    i'm trying to customize the web portal in a way tha allows different groups of users to place requests on behalf of defined users. The SQL is getting a bit advanced and i'm trying to figure out how to do what I want. In the code below i'm using case-when…

  • How to display custom pages in different language in web portal


    We are using version 8.0 and we are trying to display web portal in German language. As we changed the language culture of the user, OOTB pages and tiles and menu items, etc got displayed in German but we have created few pages in Web Designer which…

  • WebDesigner - Timer node


    I have a problem with 'Timer' node using. Here is my Web Designer project:

    Timer parameters: timeout in milliseconds - "5000", loop condition - "1=1" (also I have tried "true", "exists(...) " etc), Run asynchronously - unchecked, Execute…

  • [810312] Only module dependent UIDs are permitted for table DialogTaggedItem Transport file error


    I am trying to import WebDesigner related change via a change Lable based transport from One Environment to another and facing mention error = ([810312] Only module dependent UIDs are permitted for table DialogTaggedItem.)

    Please guide me about ways…