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TPAM Cleanup and Performane improvements

Can come one please advise on cleaning up TPAM 2.5.920 and any recommendations to improve performance of TPAM Interface.

Appreciate your assistance on this. Thank you.



  • Hello,

    I may need clarification on what exactly you mean by "cleaning up", however, I can provide some general suggestions.

    One common issue that many customers experience, is a large number of failed Password Changes and Password Checks being processed by the Automation Engine. It is very inefficient for the Automation Engine to be using resources to contact Systems and Accounts that are either offline, no longer exist, or have the incorrect connection details. So one suggestion is to review your Change and Check logs in the Automation Engine, identify any Accounts that are failing and then investigate to see why the failure is occurring.

    Unfortunately, this is manual troubleshooting process and will take some time to investigate, but it is necessary to maintain the efficiency of the appliance. There could be several different issues causing Systems and Accounts to fail. The System could be offline, or it's address could have changed. The functional account credentials could be incorrect, or it may be locked or disabled. The Account may have been deleted and so forth.

    Any Systems that have been decommissioned should be deleted from TPAM, as well as any Accounts that no longer exist.

    Another good suggestion is to review the scheduling of all the major activities in TPAM and ensure that the schedule is balanced throughout the day. The Daily Maintenance, Daily Backup and Data Extracts (if enabled) should all occur at different times of time and also preferably scheduled to run overnight, or during the least busy time of day. 

    Scheduled Changes and Checks should also be spaced out, to spread out the activity. This can be done by using the time windows on the Password Profiles to coordinate when things will be done.

    To clean up logging data, you can adjust the retention time settings for various logs in the Global Settings.

  • Thank you very much Clint for your recommendations. We will check all these things and reach you for any further