Password Failures

Hello Everyone, 

Is it possible to list/export all of the systems in a collection that have more than 2 consecutive password failures.  I know I can pull a password failure report but it's only for either 1 system or 1 account.  I have a few collections that have a few systems that are experiencing issues and I want to only see those systems so I can fix them.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.


  • Hi,

    As you mentioned, you can use the Password Consecutive Failure Report without any filters (leaving System and Account name fields blank) and that should show all the accounts that failed a password check and\or a change:


    Otherwise, another option would be to use the Systems, Accounts, & Collections menu | Passwords | Manage Passwords:

    - You can filter here by Collection Name.

    - Also under Change Schedule (dropdown): select Any Pending Change.