Page token cannot be verified, please refresh page


We are running Quest One TPAM v2.5.915. All of our users receive a message saying 'Page token cannot be verified, please refresh page' after a minute or so of activity. We cannot find anywhere to change the timeout sessions. This happens anywhere within the tool, even just clicking through the menus.

Once this error appears, and you click OK the tool is unusable. If you refresh the page we get another error saying 'Your session has timed out or been disconnected. Please close this browser and open a new one to connect'. We then have to manually browse to the login page and start all over again.

We have tested and see the same results with Chrome, Firefox, IE on Windows 10, WIndows 7, Server 2008, Server 2012 and Server 2016.

Has anyone seen this before and know of a solution? It's hard to get any work done. Unfortunately the product is no longer under support so we don't want to upgrade, but we need to keep it hobbling along for the next month or so until we replace the tool with a new solution.

  • Hi,

    What is the up time on the TPAM appliance? If it has not been rebooted for a while then this could be related to memory pressures but hard to say without looking at the support bundle.

    Support for TPAM v2.5.915 has been discontinued and improvements have been added in the latest versions of TPAM 2.5.919+ in relation to memory, however, you can try a reboot for now to see if it helps.