TPAM url shortcuts ... more?

Hi - We're still up with TPAM and the more I use it, the more I want to cut clicks and wasted seconds interacting with that interface.

So, I've noticed the URL shortcuts you expose - like them  ... saves the odd click here and here. 

But, I want more.  Are there more - end user accessible cookie crumbs to follow?   i.e. so that could save a URL Fav that includes the name of the machine I want a session for .. so all I have to do is provide the reason and click connect?

ala  https://<tpamhost>/tpam/SessionRequestFilter.asp?StartPage=NewRequest?Target=<IMAMACHINE>?

→ Drops you at the door for requesting a new session


→ Drops you at the place to see/terminate/connect with existing sessions  you are still active for


→ To Request a password release


... and so on

anyone ... anyone?.... buehler?