Only change password after so many days.

Hi all,

I just wanted to know if there was away to only change passwords after so many days.

I have a request to change a password on an account after 120 days and to notify the owners after the change. When they release the password I don`t want the password to change after x amount of time but to wait until the next password change. Is there any way of doing this?

  • Hello, 

    Yes. There should be a couple of options to achieve what you're looking for.

    You need to create a Password Change Policy that is scheduled to change every 120 days.

    Next, you want to select the check boxes for:

    1. Do not change account password while release is active
    2. Do not change password after Requests

    These options should prevent the password from changing before the scheduled date.
    Also, if you have Password Checks enabled for these accounts, you need to decide if you want the password to reset when a mismatch is detected or not. It is probably a good idea to reset on mismatch, even if it is before the scheduled date, just so to be sure that TPAM has the correct password stored.

    Regarding the notifications, you mentioned, there is no notification available for a scheduled password change. This is by design because TPAM processes so many password changes on a daily basis, that sending notifications for each one would not be feasible and would consume too many resources.

    The one suggestion I could offer if notifications are important, is to set the account to Manual Password Management. Having it set this way, would send a notification to the email address configured when it is time for the password to be changed (ie. every 120 days). The only problem in this case, is that it would require a user to manually login to TPAM and reset the password after receiving the notification. So this may not be what you want.