Terminating a PSM session by an Approver user

Hello Community,

So while testing on TPAM appliance I came to realize that when an user with a privilege of Administrator terminates a live session from session management, it directly shuts down the Java session, however if a user with a permission of "Approver" terminates a live approved session, it does not kill the java session, instead it terminates the  request not the PSM session, so I wanted to confirm if this is the intended behavior, and if so, then I believe the Administrator Guide needs to be more accurate, as in the admin guide both scenarios are explained the same, although they are different.

bellow is the paragraph from the admin guide which  I am referring to:

"Any eligible approver can deny a session request after it has already been approved or auto-approved. If a live session is being conducted at the time you decide to deny the request that session is automatically terminated. The requestor receives an email notifying them that the request was denied."


Abdulrahman Safwat

  • Hi,

    Only the Administrator user type has the ability to use the terminate button to (kill) active sessions and if the session request is *not* expired or cancelled, the user has the ability to restart the session meaning the terminate button only disconnects the active session but the request still exists in this case and user can connect again if request is still valid.

    However, the Approver permission given to a Basic User type will allow the Approver user to "Deny Request" which will end the request and also kill the active session (Tested in my lab with TPAM running v2.5.922) - there is no Terminate button for an Approver as the Management menu is not visible for them but only the Deny Request button under the Session Request list.