TPAM Email Notifications

Hi Team,

we would like to get email notification with only the members of TPAM administrators everyday. we would like to get mail notifications when there is any new user added as TPAM administrator or remove existing TPAM admin members.

Please advise if this is possible.

  • Hi Team,

    Could you please check and advise on above requirement. Thanks in Advance.

  • Hello,

    There is no email notification available for this specific purpose, however I can offer another suggestion.

    If you login to /tpam as an Administration and navigate to the Reports menu > Activity Reports > Activity Report.

    The on the Report Filter, under Object Types, select Single Object Type and "User" from the drop down menu.

    Then under Operation, select Single Operation and "Add" from the drop down.

    Then generate the report and it will show any Users that were added. You can also specify a date range in the filter.