Extending the Error Message Sentence

Dear Team,

While doing the "test system" , getting the error " [11/21/2019 08:01:19] Checking the Windows System server name(IP Address) using win....".Its requires co-ordination with respective platform team to fix it.

But when reached out them , expecting the fill sentence after the ...in the error message to investigate it further. So could you please let me know is there any way to increase the sentence in error message in admin console of TPAM appliance.

It would be really helpful , if I receive a solution .

Thanks You.

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Lakshminaraynan M

  • Hi Lakshminaraynan,

    When you click the "Test System" button, TPAM will show the result with all the log lines but the end of the line you selected would not have more information that is relevant to the issue besides the name of Functional account used to make the connection to that target system. For example:

    [12/03/2019 20:16:18] PartitionName=,SName=WIN2012R2,PartitionedSName=WIN2012R2
    [12/03/2019 20:16:19] Gathering the information necessary to perform a check of WIN2012R2...
    [12/03/2019 20:16:19] Checking the Windows System WIN2012R2(WIN2012R2.xyz.domain.local) using win...
    [12/03/2019 20:16:19] Functional account xyz.domain.local\administrator
    [12/03/2019 20:16:19] The test of system [WIN2012R2] was successful.
    [12/03/2019 20:16:19] ComputerName: WIN2012R2
    [12/03/2019 20:16:20] Processed the system check on WIN2012R2 in 2.1421225 seconds

    Please refer to the article below for information on troubleshooting System connection issues:



  • Hi,

    Already one of my issues resolved by you , having once more query and so can you please help me on this as well.

    Does TPAM Manages the accounts on the Amazon Ec2.

    It would be really grateful if any response on this is provided , because we have to confirm the same to customers.

    Thank You.