Ticket Validation Error


TPAM Ver : 2.5.921

We have implemented a REST api to validate ticket system and send a response true or false to TPAM. The URL is working when the parameter is passed with static values. If we use the system variables / static variables that TPAM provide, then the response coming back from our validation API throws an "invalid xml" error in TPAM configuration testing area. When this happens, the session request page, throws an error saying "Ticket system enabled but SQL command cannot be tested, current status is cancelled"

The TPAM logs also giving the same error message what we see on screen. Any better way to troubleshoot?

The hostname / port is accessible from TPAM. 

Error message shown within TPAM configuration test page: 

Invalid XML was received from the Web Service call  

URL : hostname/.../ifms (where TicketNumber is replaced with Ticketnumber field in TPAM, and ADID will be replaced with Requestorname)

If the URL is  https://hostname/abc-services/ticketValidator/v1/ifms?ifmsIncidentId=12345&userId=CP13534 , then the ticket validation via this forms is working.

Please guide us where we to troubleshoot and identify, if there are other options available in TPAM.