TPAM or Safeguard Installation on VM's

Hello Everyone,

I am new to TPAM & Safeguard and wanted to install these products on VM.

Can anyone please suggest me how to do these setup? As far as I know Safeguard is having SPS, SPP and SPA and same with TPAM. So Do I need only 1 VM or 3VM's for each module like 1 for SPS, 1 for SPP, 1 for SPA.

So please share VM requirement as well. I checked in installation guide but seems it's not so clear.

Also on 2nd level , please suggest about network requirement to install this.

on Next level, I want to on-board 1 Unix and 1 Windows device and wanted to make connection through SPS and want to check recordings.

This is Phase 1 requirement. Please can anyone suggest. looking forward for your support.



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  • Thank Leigh,

    So for SPP we don't need any Operating System. Like Windows 10 or Server 2016 to install, as mentioned by Tawfiq it's a complete VM package.

    Because I found on your portal , we need below requirement to install SPP:-

    Operating system: Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC including dynamic disks. If you are using KMS, the KMS server needs to be able to validate Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC.

    ·         Supported VMs:

    ·         Microsoft Hyper-V (VHDX)

    ·         VMware vSphere with vSphere Hypervisor (ESXi) version 6.5 or higher

    ·         VMWare Workstation version 6.5 or higher

    ·         Minimum resources recommended: 4 CPUs, 10GB RAM, and a 60GB disk


    Tawfiq comment:-

    "OVA file is the Virtual appliance for SPP because this is a hardened appliance with no access to the OS layer so this can be deployed in VMware as a complete Virtual Machine so no software install required here."


    PLease suggest, don't we need any Operating system to install it on VM. I hope for SPP & SPS both are compelate package and comes with OS also.