TPAM or Safeguard Installation on VM's

Hello Everyone,

I am new to TPAM & Safeguard and wanted to install these products on VM.

Can anyone please suggest me how to do these setup? As far as I know Safeguard is having SPS, SPP and SPA and same with TPAM. So Do I need only 1 VM or 3VM's for each module like 1 for SPS, 1 for SPP, 1 for SPA.

So please share VM requirement as well. I checked in installation guide but seems it's not so clear.

Also on 2nd level , please suggest about network requirement to install this.

on Next level, I want to on-board 1 Unix and 1 Windows device and wanted to make connection through SPS and want to check recordings.

This is Phase 1 requirement. Please can anyone suggest. looking forward for your support.



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  • You do not need to supply a server O/S to deploy SPP. Just an MS server license.

    As has been mentioned in this thread the OVA file is a pre-built SPP VM that can be imported into multiple Hypervisors. Emphasis on pre-built. It includes the hardened O/S and the SPP application code.

    All you have to supply is am MS license for each VM you deploy. Without an MS license the VM will not work.

    Safeguard can only be deployed as a hardened appliance. Think black box solution here where the server element of the black box is licensed with the server hardware that is shipped. With the VM you again get a pre-built Virtual Black box but rather than have to supply a unique MS license with each VM, a universal OVA file is supplied and the licensing of the MS server element is left to you. 

    It is not Cyberark if that is what you are confusing build requirements with.