TPAM Session

Hello Team,

The below is one example, and the same almost happens to each and every session request, even when i try to terminate manually the staging sessions, it says “The session is already shutting down” but it takes hours to be cleared automatically.

If you see below and the sequence of the sessions (by time), they all have same request number, and have been automatically opened by TPAM itself, so the user practice has not to do with it 

Local Server  08/27/2020 8:40:21 AM  4-7159 connecting

Local Server  08/27/2020 8:40:31 AM 4-7159 connecting 

Local Server  08/27/2020 8:44:23 AM 4-7159 stopped 

Local Server  08/27/2020 8:45:34 AM 4-7159 connected