TPAM Test System


I'd like to know if there is a list of all the commands that are sent to the server when the Test System button is used. 

The results from the test of system UNIX follow (all times are Server Time):
[10/23/2020 17:33:20] PartitionName=,SName=UNIX,PartitionedSName=UNIX
[10/23/2020 17:33:20] Gathering the information necessary to perform a check of UNIX...
[10/23/2020 17:33:20] Checking the Linux System UNIX...
[10/23/2020 17:33:21] RSULT:0
[10/23/2020 17:33:21] The test of system [UNIX] was successful.
[10/23/2020 17:33:22] Processed the system check on UNIX in 1.762 seconds

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