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Need your assistance to clarify the following

How many service accounts can be configured on existing appliances?

Is there a license required for configuring service accounts?

  • Hi Jafar

    So a service account is not treated any differently to any other account as far as licensing is concerned.

    Also for licensing it will depend on the license model you have user or system.

    For user there will be no difference how many systems/accounts you manager as your license is user based..

    If you have a system license model then this will be based on the number of systems that you have service accounts on which you wish to manage.

    So for an example, a Windows AD account that is being used as a service account on multiple domain members uses a single system license. Multiple AD accounts being used as service accounts on member servers will also still use a single system license.

    If it is a local account is used as a service account on a  member servers then you will be using system license per member server. Again if each member server has multiple local service accounts you still use one license per member server.

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  • Thanks for the reply.

    If we have system-based & the service account is configured on that system then I presume that only license will be consumed since that server is already managed by TPAM? Please clarify. Let's says if we have 200 servers, each with a different service account which license count will apply?

  • Hi Jafar

    It does not matter of you have 1 account or 1000 accounts managed on a system. The license is based on the number of defined systems you are managing.

    So if you manage Windows AD, the directory is defined as a singe system so uses a single license. You could have hundreds or thousands of accounts in your AD and could be managing hundreds or thousands of them BUT still only 1 license is used.

    As far as TPAM is concerned a Service accounts in reality are no different to any other account,

    So if you have 200 systems that you wish to manage local service accounts on as well as other local accounts you will need 200 system licenses.

    If you have 200 systems that you wish to manage local accounts on but also wish to manager AD based service accounts that start and stop services on these systems then you will need 200 system licenses for the systems to manage the local accounts and 1 system license to manage the AD account including the AD accounts being used as service accounts.

    The key thing to take from this is that you have SYSTEM BASED licensing and NOT ACCOUNT BASED licensing.

    I hope this clarifies things for you.

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