• TPAM 2.5.923 is now live on the Support Portal!

    TPAM 2.5.923 is now live on the Support Portal!

     Software and documentation are available at the following location(s):



  • Advanced Notice: Discontinued Product Support in 2022

    Thank you for your continued support of One Identity solutions. This is your early notice that all versions of TPAM (Privileged Password Manager and Privileged Session Manager) will reach end of support on February 01, 2022. After this date, technical…

  • TPAM Email Notifications

    Hi Team,

    we would like to get email notification with only the members of TPAM administrators everyday. we would like to get mail notifications when there is any new user added as TPAM administrator or remove existing TPAM admin members.

    Please advise…

  • TPAM 2.5.920 Support ValidityT

    Hi Team,

    Can someone please confirm the support validity for TPAM 2.5.920.

    We got a mail that TPAM 2.5.920 will enter into discontinued support from 19-sep-2019.

    However Product Life cycle shows that support is available till 3-Nov-2020.

    Please confirm…

  • Terminating a PSM session by an Approver user

    Hello Community,

    So while testing on TPAM appliance I came to realize that when an user with a privilege of Administrator terminates a live session from session management, it directly shuts down the Java session, however if a user with a permission of…

  • Approve a current session

    Using TPAM API, if the request ID is available can we do the following?

    1. While a ticketsystem validation is happening after a manual session request, if a validation is successful can we send approvesessionrequest method as part of the ticketsystem…

  • TPAM 2.5.922 is now live on the Support Portal!

    TPAM 2.5.922 is now live on the Support Portal!

    Software and documentation are available at the following location(s):



  • TPAM Ceritificates issue

    Hi Team,

    Can someone advise the process to enable SSL certificates for all TPAM devices and  disable CBC mode cipher encryption, and enable CTR or GCM cipher mode encryption. Thank you. 

  • IP Change for DPA Device

    Hi Team,

    we would like to change ip from one subnet to another subnet for one of our DPA devices. re-IP ( to

    we have total 6 DPAs in our cluster with 3 TPAM devices, One is primary and two as replicas.

    Please advise the…

  • TPAM Admin permissions for AD Groups


    can someone please advise if we can provide TPAM administrator access to AD based groups rather than individually

    We have multiple teams who have so many members.

    we would like provide administrator access to the groups in TPAM console.

    Please advise…

  • Page token cannot be verified, please refresh page


    We are running Quest One TPAM v2.5.915. All of our users receive a message saying 'Page token cannot be verified, please refresh page' after a minute or so of activity. We cannot find anywhere to change the timeout sessions. This happens anywhere…

  • Password Failures

    Hello Everyone, 

    Is it possible to list/export all of the systems in a collection that have more than 2 consecutive password failures.  I know I can pull a password failure report but it's only for either 1 system or 1 account.  I have a few collections…

  • Load Balancer setup for TPAM


    we have 3 TPAM Appliances. One is working as primary and other two working as active replicas.

    Please let us know if we can setup a network load balancer (VIP) for these 3 appliances so that When we hit the VIP URL it should redirect the requests to…

  • Post Password Release Reset

    I have a strange issue.  I have an account on a system that is pending post password release.  There's an issue with the functional account password (we know this) that has caused TPAM to send out an email letting the team know that there was an error changing…

  • Certificate user redirected to Username/Password page

    Has anyone seen a user who is setup for certificate authentication, after selecting their authentication certificate, they are redirected to the username/password page.  If you have, what do you think is causing this phenomenon?

  • It is not possible to rollback or revert a TPAM appliance after upgrading to 2.5.920

    Traditionally, for all build versions of 2.5.xxx before 920, it was possible to revert the appliance to an earlier snapshot, as explained in the KB below. However, due to the major changes that were made to the underlying operating system of TPAM, it…

  • Add userid TPAM

    Dear all,

    Each add the user of the TPAM must be with the approval of the supervisor.
    Does adding the TPAM user have a dual control system? if possible, how to arrange it?

    thank you

  • Partition Management in TPAM

    If we configure multiple partitions for windows and Linux systems, Designated Partition administrators can only see their respective systems which they added.

    But the challenge is both Partition administrators need to access the same URL.

    Do we have any…

  • TPAM User and Group Management

    How Can we make a Basic user as administrator of a group in TPAM for adding and removing members from that group only

    Also Please confirm if we can integrate TPAM with active directory for User and Group Management. 

    Thanks in Advance. 

  • Auto discovery TPAM

    Can someone please explain the steps to configure Auto discovery in TPAM for ldap and generic configuration. Thank you.

  • TPAM 2.5.921 is now live on the Support Portal!

    TPAM 2.5.921 is now live on the Support Portal!

    Software and documentation are available at the following location(s):



  • Need help in configuring application password in TPAM

    We are trying manage admin accounts for web applications using TPAM. Is there any way to achieve the requirement?

  • Looking for sample data for batch processing on update accounts

    Hi All,


    While performing batch processing on update accounts, can anyone give us the sample for all the fields.


  • HOW TO: Perform a Split Pair upgrade in TPAM

    There are 2 different ways that TPAM can be upgraded:

    1. The upgrade is applied to the Primary appliance and is then automatically applied to all Replica appliances.
    2. The upgrade is applied separately to the Primary and each Replica in the Cluster.