QAS uidnumber generation

We use ActiveRoles and Authentication Services to administer UNIX user attributes and our UNIX admins are having troubles with uidnumber re-use. For example a uidnumber assigned to a previous user that is no longer in AD, is being reassigned to a new user. Apparently this reuse is occurring fairly soon after the previous user has left.

Our original uidnumber space was imported from a separately managed UNIX environment, where the uidnumbers were previously assigned. QAS was not used to generated these original uidnumbers. Within QAS we have the minimum uidnumber set to 1000 and the max to 64000

How do the different methods of generating a unique ID work? Are they always starting at the minimum value and working up to find an available uidnumber to assign to a new user? Can it be configured to start at the last assigned uidnumber and work up, until it gets to the max possible uidnumber before starting again at the minimum value?

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