Unix enable account via D1IM or 1IM

Has anyone completed a integration piece where D1IM or 1IM as it is now utilizes QAS during account creation to unix enable users?

This would be without ARS.

  • You can call the QAS powershell cmdlets using the powershell component in 1IM process chains to unix enable an AD user account.


    Dim theScript As New StringBuilder()
    theScript.AppendLine("Enable-QasUnixUser -identity " + sAMAccountName)
    Value = theScript.ToString()

  • Hey Paul

    We have created a step in the custom processes... with a bubble
    that has the command set to

    Value="Enable-QASUnixUser -identity " + $FK(UID_ADSDomain).dc$ + "\" + $SAMAccountName$

    and a startscript set to

    Value = "import-module Quest.AuthenticationServices"

    and endscript set to

    Value = "Remove-PsSession $session"

    what we are getting is:

    ErrorMessages = (2018-05-16 14:38:12.380) Last action taken by target system provider was: The module 'Enable-QASUnixUser -identity D1IM' could not be loaded. For more information, run 'Import-Module Enable-QASUnixUser -identity D1IM'.

    as if its not importing the module... maybe?
    I can call the import-module in a powershell outside OneIM.