QAS Unknown User using SSH

I'm trying to configure QAS 4.1.2 for Linux Redhat 6.9.  Server is joined to the domain, I can see GPOs are being downloaded as I would expect via vgptool rsop.  I added an AD security group that I'm in to the users.allow in the GPO.  I can see my account via vastool list users and I'm apart of the group added to users.allow and vastool user checklogin -s ssh myuserid says I should be able to login via ssh.  When I try to ssh to the server it fails with: pam_faillock(sshd:auth): User unknown but I can login with a local account then su to that account no problem.  There are no failed attempts associated with the account.  I've tried all the troubleshooting steps at the following and they all pass:

Anybody have any suggestions on what to check. I'm pulling my hair out.  Been working on this for 3 days.