Authentication Services Maintenance release 4.1.6 is now available

Maintenance release 4.1.6 is now available

The latest build of Authentication Services, the Change Log and ReadMe file can be obtained by visiting the following knowledge base article.

What’s New:  SELinux Support: vastool (un)configure selinux. Run after join to install selinux policy for Authentication Services.

Recently Quest Authentication Services has had a small change in how our version numbers are structured. Previously 4.1 releases have been in the format ‘4.1.0-20195’ where each release saw the last number increment, so that follow-up releases might see ‘4.1.0-21111’ and then 4.1.0-21222’ and so on. Now and moving forward these will increment differently. This release and future release will increment the 3rd and 4th number. The current release is 4.1.6-23562. The following maintenance release will increment as 4.1.7-2xxxx and so on.

There is currently no change to the product life cycle at this time. This also does not impact the upgrade process. This simply allows Authentication Services to fall more in line with the other One Identity products. In previous versions the third integer was used to denote a service pack, however that is now being re-purposed to denote maintenance releases.

4.1 – main product version
4.1.6 – maintenance release
4.1.6-23562 – build number