Credential cache read error


I have a build, and when I run it on one build agent (VM, RHEL 6.10, kerberos 1.10.3, Java 1.8.0_221), all is fine.

But on another build agent (AWS, RHEL 7.7, kerberos 1.15.1, Java 1.8.0_231) I get this error:

jcsi.kerberos: Warning: Error opening credential cache at location '/tmp/krb5cc_1234567': Bad tag encountered: 50
jcsi.kerberos: Created in-memory credential cache
jcsi.kerberos: getting TGT from cache for principal user@realm
jcsi.kerberos: login failed: Could not obtain password
jcsi.kerberos: resetting state... is used.

I've found "Warning: Error opening credential cache..." in and got stuck after this.

Could you explain me, what is "Bad tag encountered: 50" (credential cache at location '/tmp/krb5cc_1234567' exists, and can be checked with klist command). Is it the root cause of "login failed: Could not obtain password".

May it be kerberos misconfiguration?

Sorry if posted to wrong thread.

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  • Actually I can't answer to your question. We use a corporate wrapper that uses the library And something fails in from this library. And all my searches around this problem often led me to this place, so I decided to ask a question.

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