GUI not starting on Linux Redhat-7


QAS is installed on a few Redhat-7  laptop  joined to the domain ok.   If I login with my test-user ( the only one local on the laptop )  using the Gnome env.  Stating a terminal, and then doing su  -  AD-user   The login work perfectly and I get the command prompt as the AD-user.  and the /home/AD-user  path.  

However,  when I try to login directly from the GUI by selecting Log in as another user,  providing the AD-user name and password the GUI flash momentary and goes back to the login screen.

What I my missing in my config to make it work ?

  • Hello Alain,

    Jason Bauer here from One Identity Support. I suggest first confirming the service name for the GUI login. It's likely gdm (Gnome) however you should be able to confirm in syslog by looking at  a login attempt. (/var/log/secure). Next check your pam configurations in the /etc/pam.d directory to see if that service is listed. If it isn't try running the following, "/opt/quest/bin/vastool configure pam gdm" and test. If that doesn't resolve the issue please open a support service request and provide the output of running the Authentication Services snapshot script and we will investigate further.
    Snapshot script: /opt/quest/libexec/vas/scripts/

    Thank you,

    Jason Bauer